How to Sharpen Bolt Cutters


Bolt cutters are great tools for cutting light to medium gauge chains, fencing, and other heavy metals. Because they are so reliable, anyone who likes working on home improvement projects should definitely own one. Now, if you’re still thinking twice about buying one, we’ll show you one common use of bolt cutters.

Here’s how to sharpen bolt cutters:

Clean your bolt cutter’s head

Take a clean rag with a bit of soap and water and scrub away anything caught on the head of your bolt cutter. Once you are sure that there’s no dirt left, dry it off after.

Put it on a stable position

Take your tool and place it across your lap. Make sure that it’s in an open position with its blade pointing away from you. See if it’s in a stable position.

Work with one blade at a time

Take a mill file and place it against the bevel at a 20-30 degree angle. Start filing down along the surface of the blade in about 7 to 11 motions. Do the same steps on the other blade.

Apply a machine oil after

Take about 2 to 3 drops of machine oil and rub it on the tool using a dry rag. This extra step can help prevent your bolt cutter from getting rusty.

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