How to Sharpen Wire Cutters


The sharpness of your tool can affect the result you’ll get.

You can only efficiently cut wires if your cutter is sharp. This will also ensure your safety since you’ll be able to finish your work fast in a steady manner. To help you keep your tool in good condition, we’re going to discuss how to sharpen wire cutters.

The entire process involves two stages: preparation and sharpening.

Preparation is crucial for a smoother process. For that, allow us to explain the primary material you’ll need for sharpening.

A hand file is enough to successfully sharpen wire cutters. However, you need to purchase the right kind. Don’t choose a rough or coarse hand file because it will deplete the surface of your cutter. The result will be a worn-out tool. What you really need is the fine type.

Finally, check out the process behind sharpening wire cutters:

Protect your hands and eyes first

The preparation mainly involves cleaning your wire cutter and setting up your work area. Find out more about this stage:

  1. Clean the wire cutter’s blades first. Dirt or substances can affect the quality of your sharpening process.
  2. Make sure that there’s enough light in your work area to completely see improvements during the process.

Simply rub the wire cutter’s blade on the hand file

After making sure that everything’s ready, you can proceed with the sharpening process. The method is super-easy.

Here are the following steps:

  1. Gently rub one blade on the hand file. However, you have to speed it up, too.
  2. Repeat Step 1 on the opposite blade.
  3. Cut some wires as part of the test. If you’re unsatisfied, feel free to sharpen the blades again.
  4. Once you’re done sharpening, clean the blades with a wire brush.
  5. Apply lubricating oil on the blades before storing your wire cutter in a dry place.


Isn’t it effortless to learn how to sharpen wire cutters? You just have to rub the blades with a simple hand file and don’t forget to follow our tips on how to prepare for the process.