Can You Use Shaving Cream with Electric Shavers


Shaving cream has been proven effective for its purpose, so it seems logical to use it for any kind of shaver. But can you use shaving cream with electric shavers?

Electric shavers are meant for dry shaving. According to Young Men’s Health, this type of shaver doesn’t require creams or gels. Wet shave┬áneeds a lot of rinsing afterward, and that’s a bad idea for an electric device.

If not electrocution, your expensive shaver wouldn’t last long when you expose it to water.

Before you get disappointed, we were only talking about ordinary electric shavers. With the right device, you’ll have the chance to shave anywhere in your bathroom.

Simply look for a “wet and dry” electric shaver. This device is waterproof, so don’t worry about your safety.

In Conclusion

Can you use shaving cream with electric shavers?

Yes, but only with the wet and dry type. Ordinary models won’t stand a chance against water.

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