Does Shaving Grow Hair Faster


One good reason why you’re shaving is to get rid of your unwanted body hair.¬†And you want your skin to be hair-free for as long as possible. With that, let’s get one thing straight: does shaving grow hair faster?

It’s a myth

Shaving somehow gives the illusion of your hair growing back quicker because the new hair appears darker. It looks that way because it hasn’t been exposed to the sun.

Hair growth depends on hormones and diet

The rate at which your hair grows depends on your testosterone level. Too much testosterone causes excessive body hair growth as well as acne and muscular body.

Additionally, if you’ve been eating more meats, fish, eggs, and nuts, you’re likely to see quicker hair growth as well. The same is true if you are taking protein supplements. This is because protein is essential to cellular growth, even the cells in your hair. And the more you eat protein, the faster and stronger your hair will grow.

If you are still worried about shaving making your hair grow faster, you may want to consider trimming your hair instead. Another option is to buy an epilator. This hair removal tool can pull your hair from the roots so you can stay hair-free longer than you would with shaving or trimming.