The Bad Effects of Shaving Without Shaving Cream


Planning to skip the foam in your next shaving session? We suggest you step back for a sec and think about what might happen. Check out the effects of shaving without shaving cream.

Zero protection can irritate your skin

Since shaving creams are specially formulated to lubricate the surface, they can protect the skin from sharp blades. They reduce friction for smoother results.

On the other hand, lack of lubrication can trigger skin redness, irritation, and razor burn. And, worse, you might end up with nicks or cuts all over your face.

The absence of foam can lead to uneven areas

Shaving cream isn’t just about lubrication and skin nourishment. Its white color actually has a purpose.

Surely you’ve noticed how a shaver can perfectly scrape off the cream from your skin. This can serve as an indicator to let you know that the section is shaved already. That way, you can ensure complete focus in all areas.

Now, just imagine if there’s no foam. The process might take longer than necessary if you shave some sections too many times. You might even miss some spots.

In Conclusion

A messy look and skin irritation are some of the common effects of shaving without shaving cream. But, of course, it’s all up to you to continue the convenience of a dry shave. Just make sure your skin and grooming skills can handle it.