How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock Holmes is one of a kind in the world of fiction. He is a gifted detective who can solve even the most complicated crimes. It is already safe to say that we can never reach Sherlock’s intellectual level. However, there are small things we can try to make our everyday lives more interesting and exciting. The following are fun tips on how to think like Sherlock Holmes:

Stop daydreaming.

The point of daydreaming is to make your mind wander from the present. However, that is the complete opposite of Sherlock’s thinking. Sherlock is good at spotting even the smallest details because of his unwavering focus. He is excellent at ignoring distractions.

To practice being more mindful of your surroundings in the present, try to prevent yourself from daydreaming and focus on how you breathe instead. Focus on how fast you inhale and exhale. Listen to the sound you make when you breathe in and out.

When you are doing something, engage your five senses no matter how simple the task is. For example, when you type on your keyboard, listen to the tapping sounds. When you brush your teeth, taste the toothpaste. When you go outside, smell the air and think about where the scent or odor came from. For your sense of touch, take note of each texture you encounter. As soon as you wake up, feel the softness of your bed sheet. To engage your sense of sight, make a mental note of all things you notice.

Improve your senses.

Engaging your five senses sounds easy, but some people have difficulty getting sufficient information from each sense. For example, you may find it hard to focus on just one spot because of your strong regard to peripheral vision. Luckily, there are simple exercises and routines that can improve your sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing even for just a little bit.

  • Sight

    Simply consume generous amounts of vitamins every day for your eyes. Additionally, take a break from the monitor once in a while to prevent eye strain. Expose yourself to sunlight to indirectly feed your eyes with natural light. There are even exercises just for your eyes. Every day, try to focus on an object for a while without doing anything else. You can also try rolling your eyes repetitively for just a few seconds.

  • Smell

    Close your eyes and try to focus on a certain smell. In your head, describe the odor or scent. Essential oils and coffee are good for enhancing your sense of smell.

  • Taste

    You cannot improve your sense of taste if you keep on eating foods with intense flavors. To challenge your taste buds, eat more whole foods like wheat bread and oatmeal. Since these foods are mostly bland, you exert more effort in identifying their specific taste.

  • Touch

    Make a mental note of every object you touch. This is how you improve your sense of touch. As much as possible, describe each texture in a very specific way. For example, just by holding your iPhone or Android smartphone, you could describe how smooth its touchscreen is while the phone case has a fine rough texture.

  • Hearing

    One of the best ways to challenge your sense of hearing is by playing classical music in low volume. We recommend using loudspeakers for a more challenging experience. In your head, identify the instruments you hear as the song plays on. Classical music is the most ideal because of its wide variety of instruments.

Observe everything.

Being more aware of your surroundings is just like doing research. First, you have to observe before making a conclusion. It is best to do this every day so you can pinpoint even the smallest routines or occurrences.

For instance, in your workplace, who is always sleepy? To make a conclusion, observe who among your workmates are always yawning. You can also take into account their eyes, whether they are reddish, watery and droopy.

If you really want to know how to think like Sherlock Holmes, then be a passive observer. This time, do not take the spotlight. Do not force yourself to be the center of attention. Being a passive observer will also help you make simple predictions. Just by examining your friends, you can actually predict who gets to be richer or have a happy marriage. You should listen more intently to your friends’ personal stories so you can make fun predictions.

Examine people.

Starting right now, whenever you talk to people, try to list down in your head all of their mannerisms or gestures. Whenever you lounge in public places, start observing people on how they walk, stand or dress. To make it more fun, you could make a bet with yourself. In a fast food restaurant, try to predict orders. Being a pro in observing people will even help you in your own social life. You will be more aware of subtle mood swings. In meeting new people, it will be easier for you to identify personalities.

Solve puzzles.

An effective activity to boost your power of observation when you are alone is solving puzzles. Best puzzles for this are finding hidden words, spotting differences between two images, completing crossword puzzles, and solving Sudoku. If there is a human maze attraction nearby, go there and challenge yourself to get out just by observing things.

Enhance your memory.

We are not talking about the simple recollection of what you did the entire day. You have to improve how you remember little details. When you shop for groceries, try to remember the prices of each product. When you go to a new restaurant, try to remember the menu. Sherlock solves complicated mysteries because of his excellent memory of the most intricate details. Even if he is far from the crime scene with no data in his hands, he remembers details to help him analyze and make a conclusion.

Don’t worry if you have a hard time memorizing details. After all, Sherlock is one of a kind. Just do your best collecting detailed information anywhere you go. You will eventually get the hang of it.

How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes

Learning how to think like Sherlock Holmes is not just fun. It can also help you cope with your daily responsibilities and interactions. You even get to be a better person as a whole for you become more attentive to what other people are saying and feeling. Sometimes, having a critical mind is not just for solving a crime. It is actually pretty handy for solving personal problems.

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