Should I Buy Or Rent Breast Pump


Often mothers during their pregnancy have a hard time deciding what to name the baby, what and from where to buy new things for the little one, dealing with food cravings and weight gain and so on and so forth. Pregnancy has been rightfully described as a time of roller coaster ride with extreme highs and steep lows. And hence that’s why the 9 months take a toll on the moth both physically and emotionally. One of the many concerning thoughts these days is whether the mother requires a breast pump or not.

Candidates who will definitely require breast pumps are primigravida women, those who have never nursed a child before will definitely experience some trouble in the beginning, working women who are extremely busy and need every single day to be mapped out from the night before, traveling mothers who work takes them to different places every time and so a breast pump comes in hand, mothers who give birth to twins/triplets (or if they are luck more children) or mothers who deliver babies who are born before the term.

Also non latching babies or babies who are sick require special monitoring and hence breast pump come out to be a good option. When that decision has been taken the next in line is, should I buy or rent the breast pump?

Rental Breast Pumps

Now days many hospitals and rental supply stores give out breast pumps that can be used on rental basis. You can pay daily, weekly or monthly depending up on the stores rental policy. With that you will have to buy a separate breast pumping kit that will have breast shields, tubing, bottles etc. There are certain breast pumps that are FDA approved for multiple users, those that have a single motor but the pumping kit is personalized for every mom.

This way that chances of cross contamination are reduced if not yet completely prevented. Most of the rental pumps are hospital grade breast pumps. They are big, bulky and expensive. But because they are hospital grade ones, they are extremely powerful and each episode of milk expression will not take you more than 15 minutes. This feature is excellent for busy moms who have to juggle various activities in a single day.

Renting such expensive pumps is cost effective as you will not have to pay the complete price for using it for a day, especially if it is occasional usage. And they are less time consuming too. However, due to their weight you cannot carry them around in your office, work places, traveling on an airplane.

If you however don’t need to use your pump a lot and require it occasionally for example when going out for a party or a wedding then renting a breast pump for a day or two would be a great option instead of going through the entire process of purchasing it.

Buying A Breast Pump

There is however some prerequisites of buying a breast pump. You need to consider four options before purchasing the product. It is affordable, is it portable and easy to carry, it is a powerful tool or a cheap one day use disposable trash, and lastly how often do you pump? Are you exclusively pumping all day or do you just need it occasionally.

If you can afford a breast pump then you can easily opt for the single user breast pumps instead of going for the multiple user’s one. This way you will stay contamination free, and also keep your child safe from any of germ infestation. If you travel a lot, or take your child to your workplace and need to give your child your own milk regularly, then getting your very own breast pump is a clever decision and make sure that it weighs less so that it stays safe and light in your bag.

Most of the rental ones are heavy killing the idea of traveling with them. And you will not have many options to choose from. But if you are buying a product then you will have the option to choose whatever you want from a range of products now available.

Also while buying breast pumps you need to make sure that they are powerful and will not die out right after you are done working with them. You certainly do not want to dispose the product off after one or two times of usage. So always check the reviews and be sure that whoever you are investing in your money it is good and deserves it.

Another very important thing to consider while buying breast pumps is how often do you have to pump you own milk? Is it all the time or sometimes? If you require to pump your own milk even once a day, it is always a good option to buy a breast pump than renting it. Because many good breast pumps will cost you less than what they will cost you if you will pay their rent in the long term. Also if you are a mother of multiple babies and you want to feed them all then you will need buy breast pumps rather than renting it.

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