Side Effects of Night Cream You Should Know


Just because face creams are beneficial doesn’t mean that they’re perfectly safe for ALL users. With the idea of potential problems from using a face cream, what more with options that are formulated for night use?

To help you keep an eye out for allergic reactions after waking up, we’re going to share some possible side effects of night cream.

Before we proceed to the matter at hand, we must first understand that side effects always have something to do with the ingredients and the type of product you’re using. That’s why we recommend you to really identify the weaknesses of your skin and check the product’s label.

When it comes to the product’s type, you’re in good hands with emollients. Emollients or skin softeners are generally mild, making side effects a rare occurrence. However, it’s best to stay cautious no matter what, especially with a stronger formula.

On that note, here’s a list of possible side effects based on WebMD:

  • Burning or stinging sensation
  • Redness
  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Swollen skin
  • Soggy skin

In Conclusion

Fortunately, the side effects of night cream don’t happen often. They usually occur only on people who have sensitive skin or allergic reactions to some cosmetic ingredients. As a plus, they’re not really life-threatening.

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