Simple and Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hair


So you love having a pet but can’t bear its fur on your furniture, clothes or bedding. But in reality, we all know fur will attach into every textile item you have in your home. It gets more frustrating when you’re expecting guests and your house is all over decorated with fur. It happens most of the time in the shedding season that fur gets out of hand. The curse of having a pet in its true meaning is removing its fur from all over your house. We have put together the solutions to get rid of fur either by doing it yourself or with the help of products. Every different fur is a different type of enemy and you need to employ an adequate technique for it.

Use Kitchen Sponge As it Removes Pet Hair Easily

A kitchen sponge proper cleaned and in its dry form is used in this technique. You just need to slowly and slowly rub it across the furniture and the fur will get attached to it.

Lint Roller + Packaging Tape Are Also Good

You need a lint roller and a packaging tape for this method. Just wrap the tape with the gummy side out on the roller and run it easily on your upholstery. The adhesive of tape will pick up fur and this is economical too.

Wear Rubber Gloves And Remove Pet Hair Manually

A pair of wet rubber gloves is needed. These are same as you use it in the kitchen for washing dishes. Take them, wet them with cool water – wet glove work well as compared to dry glove – and grab the fur with your hands from the sofa. The fur will get stick to the glove. When the glove gets filled with fur, wash them in the sink, – making sure the drain catcher is in its position – empty the drain catcher and repeat the procedure until your house is clean. This process is more economical as you don’t rollers or tape to waste.

Fabric Softener Sheet Also Works

You need to run the fabric softener sheet over your pet. The fur of pet will get attached to it so your house won’t be painted with it.

Get More Out of Your Vacuuming

This method is only to remove fur from carpet or your couch. Firstly, vacuum it slowly providing your vacuum cleaner enough time to remove the grip of fur from the carpet so it can get absorbed. Secondly, if there is still substantial fur, employ diluted liquid fabric softener. The fur will start to rise and after ten minutes, you can vacuum all the fur.

Collect All Fur with Wet Hands

Wet your hands with very light water so they get dumped. Rub your hands over the areas and grab the fur. The fur will get stuck to your wet hands.

Use the Squeegee

This technique is very useful for obdurate fur stuck with carpet. This method is only viable when you need to remove fur from your carpet. Just attach a long pole to your rubber window squeegee and start running it on your carpet. In this way, you don’t need to bend your back so you won’t get tired.

Dryer Sheet Also Catches Pet Hairs

Dryer sheets are also a very useful practice for getting rid of fur from furniture and clothing. You just need to run it fiercely on your couch or clothes and the hair will get stick to it.

Use Balloon For Removing Pet Hairs by Creating Static Charges

This is a unique way of removing furs. A balloon generates static charges when you rub it with any object. These charges are helpful to attach fur to balloon. You just need to rub the balloon over the fur and it will do the rest. This technique is also a source of fun for kids. They can play all day and clear all the furs for you.

 Brooms Also Give Good Results

Brooms are a very useful tool to remove fur. Mostly, they gather the fur, through rubbing it off the surface, on one corner of the room so you could sweep it and throw it out. Some, however, uses electricity to pick fur quickly. You just need to brush them around. Pet owners must trim hairs of their pets regularly. There are a large number of hair trimmers for pets available in the market.

Use Detergents That Claim Removing Pet Hairs

You can find special detergents specific with furs. It’s recommended to try a household technique first to remove as much fur as possible. Afterwards, use the detergent. They’re enzyme based so they take out hair from your clothes more efficiently as compared with regular soaps or detergents. Finally, it’s recommended to use the lint removal again to take residue, if any.


Last but not the least, it’s highly recommended to get your carpets and couches cleaned by professional after a period of six months or maximum a year. They’d not only take care of the fur but would also remove other dirt and impurity from your house. This would ensure your home remains clean and free of germs. Take this advice seriously as the presence of pet hairs on the floor and other parts of home can cause serious health threat for all the family members.