SINGER 1507WC Sewing Machine Review



Since 1851, Singer has been the leader in producing reliable and highly cost effective sewing machines. With their history of innovation and producing breakthrough models over the course of the past decade, Singer now gears towards developing sewing machines that make stitching easy. The Singer 1507WC is a perfect example of what the makers have to offer.

The Singer 1507WC is an easy to use free arm sewing machine that comes with a canvas cover. While it doesn’t boast any flashy computerized systems, it does however standout in being a comprehensive sewing machine for the price. In fact, the 1507WC is a highly rated sewing machine available in the market today. Let’s take a look at the specs that make the 1507WC such a reliable sewing machine.

Important Features and Specs

The Singer 1507WC is another lightweight and compact model from the renowned makers. It weighs just 13 pounds and has dimensions at 15 x 8 x 12 inches. This makes the sewing machine highly portable, and it’s relatively small size means that you won’t have to dedicate a working space for it. While the Singer 1507WC only features 8 built-in stitches, they do include decorative and craft stitches. In other words, despite the low number of stitching patterns available, the 1507WC can still be useful in a variety of craft, decoration, and fashion projects.

The 1507WC features 1 automatic four step buttonhole that offers users variety of options when stitching buttons on different fabrics. The threading patterns are featured on the body of the model, which account for relatively quick and convenient threading. The stitch length and zigzag stitch width are adjustable to keep the seams strong on various fabrics and prevent bunching at the same time. In fact, the 1507WC can offer zigzag width at 5mm maximum for bolder and more pronounced stitches.The 1507WC comes with a free arm that has become something of a common feature of Singer models.

The free arm is quite easy to use and helps in stitching on difficult areas like pant legs, hems, cuffs, and collars. Along with that, the 1507WC comes with four snap-on presser feet that allow users to change them without the need of a screwdriver. The zipper, zigzag, button, and buttonhole feet all account for ease of use and convenience that can help save considerable time and effort.

Equipped with an extra high presser foot lifter, the 1507WC offers better clearance on multiply fabric layers of varying thickness than other sewing machines within the same price range. It also features a four segment feed dog system that ensures that fabrics are supported from the front to the rear. In other words, you will have more precision with feeding, which can significantly improve the end results. As for the bobbin winding system, it’s automatic and disengages during winding which makes bobbin winding relatively safer.

The Singer 1507WC comes with a 25 year limited warranty and a host of accessories that make it a valuable commodity in its price range. The body features a built-in accessory storage that allows users to keep all their accessories like needles, bobbins, and darning place in one place. The metal construction on the workstation accounts for durability in the long term. Overall, the Singer 1507WC is a featured packed sewing machine that can be handy for anyone.


  • Lightweight and compact – highly portable.
  • Easy to use – ideal for beginners.
  • Cost effective – one of the best sewing machines available in the market for the price.


  • Relatively few stitch patterns.
  • Not practical for advanced users
  • Requires regular maintenance to ensure that all parts run smoothly.

Who Should Buy

To make matters clear, the Singer 1507WC is marketed as a basic sewing machine by the makers. This automatically cancels out any assumptions that the 1507WC can be useful for more creative projects.

The Singer 1507WC is an ideal sewing machine for beginners who want to learn the basics of stitching with an affordable yet functional sewing machine. It can also come in handy for the more advanced users, provided that their need for stitching is basic and doesn’t involve heavy quilting or threading work. Overall, the 1507WC is designed for basic stitching, which makes it one of the best models in the market for new users.


The Singer 1507WC has everything you will need from a small and lightweight sewing machines that can help you perform all the basic stitching jobs. While it does require frequent oiling to ensure jam free operations, it is a sewing machine that can provide good return on investment in the long term. The metal construction in the workstation accounts for durability in the long haul.

The Singer1507WC may not be the standout model in its price range, but it is one of those models that you would want to have to easily and quickly do basic fix and stitching jobs.