SINGER 2259 Tradition Easy-to-Use Free-Arm 19-Stitch Sewing Machine Review



Whether you are a pro at sewing or you are just starting out, the SINGER 2259 Tradition Easy-to-Use Free-Arm 19-Stitch Sewing Machine is a great product to own.

Main Features

  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame

    When it comes to a sewing machine, you want it to hold its tension. The machine has to stay sturdy so that you can control the direction of your thread. If not, you will end up with bad stitches, leading to an endless amount of stress and frustration. Here, you do not have to worry about the machine shaking or skipping because it has good tension thanks to its heavy duty metal frame.

    While the motor may growl every now and then when you depress the foot pedal, it is fine once it gets going. In fact, the Singer 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine makes it super easy to control the speed, giving you the opportunity to be very precise with all your movements.

  • Various Types of Stitching

    This sewing machine gives you the chance to produce very straight stitching. Since this is what most people use these kind of machines for, this feature is crucial. Whether you are creating quilts or crafts, you want to be able to stitch a straight line.

    That is not the only thing, though. The SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine also allows you to create zig-zags in your sewing. Besides this, the sewing machine also features a bunch of other utility stitches that include a blind hem stitch and stretch stitches.

  • Comes Fully Equipped

    One supply that Singer provides in this sewing machine is the basic feet. In other words, it comes with the standard presser foot, a buttonhole foot, a zipper foot and a foot that you can use to sew buttons on. This sewing machine even lets you turn the buttonhole process into four steps.

    Besides that, it also includes a darning plate, bobbins in a class 15 and fresh needles. It is important to also note that the sewing machine does come with an empty oil, for when the machine needs to be lubricated, in case it gets too noisy. Typically, the shuttle area where the bobbin case sits is where the oil should go. That spot can also be completely dis-assembled for a solid cleaning. The needle plate and feed dogs should also be washed and cleaned out properly.

  • Thorough Directions

    The SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine even comes with a manual to help you through the sewing process. If you are unsure how to work the sewing machine or do not know what certain features do, you will now have a place to turn to for thorough, clear directions. The manual even comes in a Spanish version, for those users who speak that language. However, as far as the threading directions go, those are actually on the sewing machine itself.


  • The machine is not expensive. Anyone who has ever bought a sewing machine in the past knows that it typically costs around $500 to own a high quality machine they can count on. Here, you can owned a sewing machine that runs fantastic and serves its purpose for a cost that rings in at less than 100 bucks. There is that old saying that you pay for what you get, but here that is definitely not the case. For a small amount, you get a sewing machine that will take every expectation you have and completely blow them away.
  • This sewing machine in particular is also very lightweight, so you pick it up and transport it wherever you need to go. Similar to this, the SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine is portable so it can be brought anywhere and everywhere.
  • The SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine comes with an on-board storage area. This means the sewing machine can hold all your sewing accessories like needles, thread and buttons. Now, you do not have to clear out more room all over the house to station your sewing materials. This will leave you with less unnecessary clutter.


  • While this manual is great for sewing issues, the sewing machine does not include maintenance directions, except for the section where it explains how to change the lightbulb.
  • Unfortunately, there are no decorative stitches built into this system.
  • This sewing machine is not ideal for those looking to sew up quilts since it does come with a small harp area. However, if you were looking to make a tiny quilt, then it would be fine.

Who Should Buy

Overall, the SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine is ideal for those who want to try their hand at sewing but do not have a fortune to spend on sewing machines. That’s because this machine doesn’t substitute quality for a low price, like so many others tend to do. Besides this, the sewing machine is great for those who are constantly on the run, as the machine is portable so you can do your sewing whenever, wherever without any hassle.


Clearly, this sewing machine is ideal for everything from fixing up clothes to more complex home decor designs, making it a fantastic addition to any and every household.




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