Singer CG590 Sewing Machine Review



The Singer CG590 Commercial Grade sewing machine is one of the fastest and most powerful sewing machines available in the market today. Designed specifically for commercial use, the CG590 is 60% more powerful than conventional household sewing machines, and provides speed stitching at 1,100 stitches per minute.

Singer is one of the first companies to produce sewing machines and is still going strong to this day. The Singer CG590 is the ideal sewing machine for handling heavy bulk sewing. It has firmly established itself in the commercial grade sewing machine market and is a nostalgic crossover between manual and automatic models.

Important Specs and Features

Whenever commercial stitching comes into the picture, quality and speed are the only two factors that matter. The Singer CG590 delivers both quite impressively as not many sewing machines can provide 1,100 stitches in a minute. Its lightning fast speed combined with precise stitching make it one of the desirable commercial sewing machines in the market.

The Singer CG590 features a built-in automatic needle threader that makes needle threading quite simple and convenient. In other words, you don’t be straining your eyes while threading with the CG590. It has a top loading bobbin system that is simple to use. This jam proof bobbin system allows users to perform their projects without having to worry about jamming the bobbin case.

The CG590 is equipped with stainless steel bed plate that increases its durability and provides protection against sewing pin damage. It has been designed specifically for professional users to accommodate their needs without inflicting any damage on the body. The thread tension dial is built for precision and is located at the front of the unit. This allows users to set the tension easily and is a handy factor in training people for professional stitching.

The CG590 features 18 different built-in stitches and a four step buttonhole. While other machines may deliver more stitching patterns, the CG590 features patterns that are ideal for heavy bulk sewing. The buttonhole features four simple steps that allow users to make buttonholes on variety of fabrics. The Stitch Width Lever makes it convenient and easy to adjust stitching widths while performing routine jobs.

With commercial stitching, the need to position the needle increases. The CG590 is equipped with needle position selector that allows users to move the needle to the left, right, or center. The stitch balance control accounts for seamlessness in stitching when it comes to bulk projects. The sewing machine also features a stitch length control that allows users to adjust the length by simply turning a dial. It has a reverse stitching system that reinforces the stitches to improve gradient quality over the whole fabric.

The Singer CG590 has free arm capability that make stitching over difficult areas like cuffs, hems, and pant legs relatively simple. The bobbin winding system is also easy to use as users only have to insert the thread through the bobbin hole and then place the bobbin on the winder spindle to start winding. For some of the old fashioned users, the drop feed system allows them to move from free motion quilting to darning.

The CG590 comes with a 25-year limited commercial and residential warranty. The sewing machine comes with a wide range of accessories, including an electronic foot control, presser feet, needles, and bobbins. Users have certainly garnered praise over the functionality of the Singer CG590, which makes it a tough contender in the commercial market.


  • Powerful motor and super fast speed.
  • Self adjusting tension – works great in heavy bulk projects.
  • Seamless and easy stitching on heavy fabrics.
  • Stainless steel bed plate – highly durable in the long run.


  • Inadequate lighting.
  • Needs frequent maintenance, otherwise it is prone to damages.
  • Poorly constructed bobbin winding – not very practical with heavy fabrics.

Who Should Buy

The Singer CG590 sewing machine has been designed for commercial grade use. If you do stitching as a hobby or out of recreation, then the CG590 is not a sewing machine for you. It’s one of the more expensive sewing machines out there is ideal for professional work, whether done commercially or residentially.

Many users have expressed their feelings over the bobbing winding system as it is prone to damage and even breaking. This is one of the major negatives of an otherwise great sewing machine. Overall, the Singer CG590 is an ideal sewing machine if you need one for professional use, or for people who are training to become professional users.


The Singer CG590 is by no means a fancy sewing machine that features a lot of stitching patterns. That being said, it delivers what matters in commercial use, and that is quality stitching at fast rates. It’s quite a heavy sewing machine for which you will have to dedicate a space. But in terms of power and speed, not many match the standards that the Singer CG590 has set.

The CG590 is an amazing sewing machine as it can allow users to meet deadlines in completing what might seem as rather impossible bulk projects. With the CG590, you have a commercial sewing machine that can make almost every stitching job seem possible.