Does Sleeping Elevated Help Snoring


In some cases, a small change in the bedroom can already do wonders for someone who snores. It could be a new sleeping position or a higher pillow for your upper body. Since the latter is still debatable, let’s seek the truth – does sleeping elevated help snoring?

Well, what do you think is the reason why products like wedge pillows are in-demand nowadays? Other than faster recovery from injuries, high pillows exist to provide snoring individuals a better quality of sleep.

According to the popular brand GhostBed, sleeping elevated can significantly improve your breathing, which will eventually reduce snoring. After all, a snore is just a sound usually caused by breathing difficulty.

As a plus, sleeping elevated can also prevent mouth breathing. It will stop you from snoring too loud.

In Conclusion

Does sleeping elevated help snoring?

Feel free to use a wedge pillow or a higher bed frame if you want to stop snoring ASAP. Sleeping elevated can help you breathe better, leading to a more peaceful bedtime.

What if you choose to sleep without a pillow? Maybe breathing difficulty isn’t the only consequence. Learn the disadvantages of not using a pillow while sleeping.

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