Does a Slow Cooker Boil


Just imagine that it’s cold out there and you are returning home after doing a lot of hard work throughout the day, you are extremely tired but you want to do one more thing, that is to make a decent supper but you don’t have enough energy or stamina too so. To overcome such situation, you can employ a slow cooker to do the work for you and before going out for work in the morning, deploy the slow cooker to cook the food for you and when you’ll return form the office, you will be able to smell the scent of hot stew welcoming you to have a terrific warm dinner.

Slow Cooker – A Great Kitchen Accessory

You can see how useful this appliance is, there was nobody at home to cook the food for you but still, you are going to have fantastic dinner because slow cooker did all the work for you. This small electric device is serving various people around the globe for more than thirty years and it is solely based on the principle of slow cooking which is not a complicated concept at all.

All you need to do is to put the food you want to cook into a sort of container and then allow it to get cooked slowly and gradually. This method is commonly employed for barbecue pits and making roasts by tendering the meat with relatively low temperature but consuming a lot of time.

Slow cooking can incorporate dry heat, as you can observe in roaster or electric oven, or it can be moist, making use of liquid when the cooking is in progress. Slow cookers use moist in a unique manner because they always remain close throughout the cooking process. Slowly, the food gets cooked and lets off steam, resulting in condensation getting collected within the slow cooker. This condensation performs the role of the baster.

Working of Slow Cooker

A typical slow cooker is a simple device without any moving parts. Although, majority of people have an overall idea regarding the working of a slow cooker but having information about various parts of slow cooker and their role in the cooking process will surely help you in addressing various concerns regarding this device and also it will provide you the answer to many of your questions related to this appliance.

Normally these slow cookers incorporate heavy glass lid but you can view several cookers having a plastic lid. The slow cooker is always covered during cooking due to the intention of preserving heat. A transparent lid is employed to make it possible to have a look at the food without actually removing the lid thus preventing a considerable loss of heat. Due to the heavy weight of the lid, a tight seal is being created which prevents the food from coming out of the cooker.

At the base of the slow cooker, there is a double walled housing of metal which actually contains heating elements. These heating elements are not directly connected with the stoneware cooking pot; therefore, you can never observe heat spots thus eliminating the need for any stirring.

All slow cookers provide various cooking related adjustment options which enable you to set the temperature, cooking time etc. as per your requirement. Almost all the cookers have low, high and keep warm settings. These settings are even incorporated in the cheapest cookers available in the market.

Boiling in Slow Cooker

There is a question that is frequently asked regarding the working of slow cooker that whether these cookers boil or not? The answer is, it totally depends upon the temperature settings and the working of the slow cooker that is being employed. Few people claim that eventually, all slow cookers boil but this perception is not correct at all.

A test was conducted to check the time required by various types of slow cookers to reach the maximum temperature. To conduct the test, several types of slow cookers were filled with water and set to work. The results indicated that few of the slow cookers heated the water up to full boiling point i.e. 212 F while there were many slow cookers that only reached the maximum temperature of 190 F. At the end of the experiment, it was revealed that the slow cookers that incorporated 212 F had dried out sauces and blown out the meat. On the other hand, an appliance that doesn’t go beyond the temperature of 190 F yielded tough meat and watery sauces.


Above discussion and facts clearly indicates that few slow cookers boil while some variants do not. But as stated earlier, all the slow cookers employs airtight lid which is intended to prevent heat loss basically, but it also prevents the food or liquid from coming out of the appliance even if it started boiling inside the cooker. However, if you don’t want boiling to occur at all, choose the one that attains the maximum of 190 F temperatures. You can also use temperature setting to prevent boiling in slow cookers.

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