Why Slow Cooker Is Healthy


The slow cookers that are also known as a crock pot, is one of the easiest ways of cooking. This slow cooking method is one of the convenient methods by which you can get all the important nutrients of your food. After slow cooking, all the vital nutrients like vitamins retain in the food and you can enjoy your healthy meal whenever you will want it.

Is It Safe To Use

The slow cooker is quite easy and safe to use. You can get all the important nutrients. The actual flavour of the food remains in the meal. You will get a perfect taste of all the spices. The slow cooker will also tender your meat more efficiently as it will retain all its taste and the nutrients. Each time you will use your slow cooker, you will enjoy a perfect and healthy meal. It is also important to follow the guidelines of the slow cooking appropriately, it will make your cooking safe and you will get your food with perfect taste.

How To Make Food Healthy By Using Slow Cooker

Here are few things to do by which you can make your food healthy while using the slow cooker:

  • Fill The Bottom With Thickest Food

    The food that is at the bottom of the cooker will cook better than the top. So it is important to make a layer of densest food at the bottom of the cooker. You can spread a layer of tomatoes, celery and the carrots and try to cut it with equal sizes to get the even taste.

  • Sauté The Meat To Get The Better Taste

    Although it is an additional step yet it will make your food healthy and tasty. If you are cooking the meat, then before cooking it in the slow cooker, take a pan and add few drops of olive oil in it. Sauté the meat for few minutes and after that cook that meat in slow cooker. That will retain all the important nutrients also it will make the food more delicious. It will take about 8 hours to tender the meat but the thick juice of the gravy with all its flavours will give you a scrumptious taste.

  • Add The Tender Vegetables

    If you are cooking the meat with vegetables, then do not forget to follow the rules of cooking the tender vegetables like peas, cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms etc. Add all these vegetables during the last hour of the cooking. That will maintain the shape and the texture of the vegetables. That will also retain all the important nutrients and will give you a perfect taste of all these vegetables. At the end, your meat will be tendered and the vegetables will be simmered. This entire combine together will give you a perfect taste of your meal.

  • In Case Of Canned Food

    If you are using the canned food then make sure that it is free of salts like tomatoes and peas it will add more flavours to your food while cooking in the slow cooker. Similarly, you can also add the dried herbs and the other spices to improve the taste but at the end, it is a must to use some fresh herbs to give a better greening effect.

  • Use Of Raw Meat In Slow Cooker

    Before cooking the meat in slow cooker, check the texture of the meat. Some meats have a capacity of tenderizing faster than others so you do not need to cook them for longer hours, similarly, if you are cooking the mince then try to sauté it in a separate pan before cooking in the slow cooker. That will make it tasty and will avoid the bad smell of the meat too.

  • In addition to this, remember:

    To keep the lid on the slow cooker that will cook the food in an efficient way
    Make a list of all those important and favourite recipes of your family and friends, and decide to cook one of them each day. But make a plan before cooking it so that you can use this slow cooker for that purpose to get the better taste. Otherwise, if the proper time is not given then it will spoil the quality of the food.

    If you are using the thawed food, then make sure to defrost it properly and cook it by giving some extra time. Do not use the other vegetables while cooking this thawed food, cook it separately and then add the vegetables to get the better results.


The slow cooker is the best way to get the healthier food. It retains all the important nutrients of the food and gives the perfect taste to the meals. Every time you will cook your food in the slow cooker you will preserve all its nutrients and will enjoy a healthy meal. If you are a real fan of eating healthy, then these slow cookers are ideal to use but the only thing you have to do is to follow the exact instructions of cooking food in slow cookers.

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