Does a Slow Cooker Save Energy or Use A Lot of Electricity


Slow cookers are incorporated to cook the food slowly. They are highly efficient as far as the cooking of curries or stews is concerned. Normally, they require a minimum of six hours to cook the food, but they provide several cooking related settings which allow you to set the cooking time and preferences according to your requirements.

The cooking time of slow cooker can even increase to ten hours or more. This feature is highly appreciated by the people who want to let their food cooked without having a look at it because they have other tasks to do in addition to cooking.

Slow Cookers have become a Necessity

The demand of these slow cookers is regularly increasing with the passage of time and overall, fifty-five percent growth has been observed in the sales of these cookers over the past two years. These slow cookers have an average price of $40 but there is a question that several people often ask that whether these slow cookers are more efficient and cost-effective than traditional microwave or electric ovens in terms of power consumption or not?

Due to the fact that slow cookers usually take eight to ten hours to cook the food, few people are having concerns regarding the amount of power they consume to cook a single meal. According to uSwitch, which is a renowned website for consumer price comparison, the most cost-effective way to cook food is a microwave but it is important to mention here that the website also declared slow cooker as extremely cost-effective and power-efficient device.

Power Consumption of Various Cooking Alternatives

The website admitted that slow cookers need a little more power as compared to the ordinary light bulb. In an estimate presented by “The Centre for Sustainable Energy”, a normal electric oven uses 2 to 2.2 kWh power while a microwave requires 0.6 to 1.5 kWh power. As far as the power consumption of these slow cookers is concerned, they typically require 0.7 kWh power to function for eight hours consecutively.

According to, which is dedicated money saving site, the most expensive appliance for cooking food is an electric oven and it can be considered as the most costly equipment of the house in terms of electricity consumption. If it is used for one hour per day, it will cost $4.55 per week or $236.59 per year. The website also recommends going for other alternatives like slow cookers or microwaves to save electricity.

As per uSwitch, slow cookers are an extremely energy-efficient devices because they use just a little more energy as compared to traditional light bulb and also they provide a lot of comfort and ease when employed because they can for work for long hours thus enabling you to do other tasks without having any worries regarding your food that is being cooked. Also, this is a fact that in few cases, microwaves are the most cost-effective way to get your food cooked, but few things such as stew need much longer time and these microwaves can’t be deployed to handle such types of food. Therefore, slow cookers are clearly the best option to go for in such a situation.

The average cost of electricity per kWh is 28¢. Therefore, if you employ an electric oven to cook the stew for an hour it will cost you 56¢, although, temperature adjustment can alter this figure a little.

However, slow cooker requires 0.7 kWh to keep cooking for eight hours, which is the average time a typical slow requires to cook the food. Hence, the slow cooker is reasonably less expensive as compared to the electric oven because it can cook the stew for 18¢. You can see, it requires almost one-third of the power as compared to electric oven for performing the same task or to cook the same food.

The above calculations can vary a little because of the change in temperature setting. The above calculations are obtained based on the assumption that the slow cooker is set to work on the low-temperature setting (under 100w) and also that the oven is turned down.


Without any doubt, the slow cooker is a cost-effective way of cooking the food. Although, microwave can be considered as a more cheaper alternative in some situations but as far as cooking of few things such as stew is concerned, the microwave is out of the question. In such situations, normally you need to choose between electric oven or slow cooker and on the basis of above-mentioned calculation and facts, it is evident that slow cookers are much more power-efficient as compare to electric ovens.

It can be safely stated that slow cookers save a lot energy or power and are a terrific cost-effective way of cooking the food. So, incorporate slow cookers and enjoy convenient cooking in addition to saving bucks and electricity. Also, I would like to mention here the taste of the food cooked in the slow cooker is normally much better than the once cooked in the electric oven.

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