Do Slow Cookers Use A Lot of Energy


Having a slow cooker at home is great. It brings out the best flavor in your foods and it can cook a wide variety of dishes. However, despite being convenient, you have to know if using the appliance is burning holes in your wallet. So, do slow cookers use a lot of energy?

It’s energy efficient.

That is if you invest in a slow cooker that has efficiency energy ratings. Most modern slow cookers consume about 600-watt-hours (if programmed on a low setting for 4 hours). That is lower than an oven or an electric stove.

Now, if you choose the right size, temperature, and length of cooking time, the appliance may even cut the cost of electricity you use for cooking.

Additionally, it also saves you time. Since you can step away and leave your food to cook, you’ll be able to get other things done.

And you know what the best part is?

It’s coming back to your kitchen and enjoying a really delicious food without having to spend a lot of time, energy, and money.

Now if you are wondering if it’s safe to leave slow cookers unattended, you can check out this article. On the other hand, read this article if you’re wondering if you can use your slow cooker for cooking rice.