Smith’s 50008 8-Inch Diamond Tri-Hone 1 Review



Smith’s 50008 diamond tri-home 1 is an eight-inch knife sharpener that is incorporated with two interrupted surface diamond stones, along with a medium Arkansas stone. This is the kind of knife sharpener that makes certain you achieve the best sharpening and honing.

You do not have to take your knife to a professional sharpener anymore, since the features presented by Smith’s 50008 will provide you with the best sharpening ever. This device is installed with coarse and fine grit diamond stones, which are made of a matchless, overlapping hole-design for improved sharpening.

Important Features and Specs

The device features easy stone rotation as well as easy stone identification. You can start by resetting your knife’s edge to a proper form with the coarse diamond stone. Afterwards, you can conveniently work in some pulls across the sharpener’s fine diamond stone.

Finally, you can use the Arkansas stone for fine finishing. Smith’s 50008 is made of a heavy and sturdy base that stops it from moving on a tile surface while you are doing the sharpening.

The device provides you with sufficiently large knife sharpening surfaces, which are integrated with micro-tool sharpening pad that makes it very easy for you to sharpen knives of different sizes, including very small-sized knives to full-sized fishing as well as well as hunting knives.

The sharpener comes with a bottle of high quality lubricant, which is easy to wash off with soap and water, unlike honing oil. The sharpener features an all-inclusive combination; the fine stone effectively cuts to re-sharpen your knife, the coarse stone is known to appropriately remove large amounts of material, while the soft stone efficiently hones your knife’s edge to razor sharpness.

If at all possible, this unique three-in-one sharpener is designed to provide you with the best and most reliable knife sharpening. In addition, the device has a sharpening angle guide. Smith’s 50008 8-Inch diamond tri-hone 1 measures 14 x 8.6 x 7.8 inches, and it weighs 9.6 ounces; its dimensions and weight makes it compact, firm and sturdy.

The sharpener is made of coarse as well as fine grit diamond stones, which provide you with different sharpening quality. The coarse diamond has 325 grit levels; the fine diamond has 750 grit levels, while the natural Arkansas stone has 800 to 1000 grit levels. The device is an eight-inch sharpener, which provides adequate sharpening area, and it is also easy to position it on a surface.


  • This knife sharpener provides you with an easy stone rotation as well as stone identification. You can conveniently switch from the coarse stone to fine stone for the appropriate sharpness.
  • The device is equipped with micro-tool sharpening pad, which is significantly important for sharpening small tools.
  • The sharpener’s base and triangular insert are rigid, and they are equipped with rubber feet for stabilization; hence you can use the device on surface without it sliding while sharpening.
  • The device is made of a sleek design, which is incorporated with three diamond stones of different grit level, making it unique and the best knife sharpener for different knife categories, including fishing knives and hunting knives.


  • This particular knife sharpener is not suited for sharpening culinary knives; instead of sharpening the culinary knives it dulls the edges.

Who Should Buy

Smith’s 50008 8-inch diamond tri-hone 1 provides you with a three-level sharpening experience that you can rarely achieve with other knife sharpeners. This is the device to engage if you are after proper knife sharpening.

Well, the sharpener even comes with a sharpening angles guide; therefore, you should not be worried about the expertise of getting the angles right, since the guide will provide you with the necessary information.

Unlike other sharpeners that normally have only one stone size, which provides you with a single sharpening experience; Smith’s 50008 provides you with three different stone sizes. With the different stone sizes, you can effectively turn a blunt hunting knife into a razor-sharp hunting knife.

The device’s sharpening capabilities are well-diversified; in fact, it is integrated with micro-tool sharpening pad for sharpening small tools. If you are to enjoy all the above stated sharpening experience, then you should unquestionably buy this knife sharpener.


This five-star knife sharpener from Smith is worth every penny. A feature unique to this device that you stand to enjoy is the fact that it is a diamond tri-hone sharpener. The stones constitute different grit; hence different sharpening degrees.

This ensures that you, the user, have the ability to gently and effectively turn a notoriously blunt blade into a razor-sharp blade. With this knife sharpener you are presented with very nice stones and very large knife sharpening surfaces, which makes it easier to sharpen small tools.

This knife sharpener is appropriate for any experience level; in fact it can successfully improve your sharpening experience. Therefore, you should spend some few extra dollars and experience the sharpening power of Smith’s 50008 8-inch diamond tri-hone.