Smith’s Consumer Products DCS4 Diamond Combo Fine or Coarse Knife Sharpener Review



Smith’s consumer product DCS4 diamond combo is a knife sharpening gear for sharpening all types of knives, and it works well on straight edge or serrated knives. This device is the real deal, particularly for the outdoorsman. The sharpener is fast for sharpening blades, and it only takes a considerable amount of metal off your knife.

You can use it for your most desired knives, such as the Kershaw, Mora, Spyderco, Zero Tolerance, and so on. The device has a corrugated surface that allows you to conveniently slide your knife’s blade quickly and gently.

Important Features and Specs

This consumer product from Smith is a diamond combo fine/ coarse knife sharpener; hence, it provides you with coarse as well as fine sharpening. You can effectively use the coarse diamond to work out rough blades, and the fine diamond to adjust your blade to razor-sharpness. The coarse section is aggressive, which makes it essentially useful for knives that are mainly used outdoors on hard cutting activities.

On the other hand, the fine section of the sharpener provides you with a gentler sharpening experience for your sensitive knives. The device is made of multi-layer flat surface incorporated with overlapping hole-design.

The sharpener’s stones are normally stored in the handle not until you want to use them; this ensures that you save space in your tackle-box or pack. The diamond stones snap in the handle firmly, even after a prolonged service time.

The sharpening surfaces are sufficiently wide and perfect for sharpening different types of knives in your possession. The sharpener is uniquely designed, with the major part of the sharpener having a perforated diamond surface, which is very instrumental in preventing clogging.

However, the sharpener’s design is also equipped with a small solid surface for sharpening small items. Amazingly, the device is equipped with a fishhook sharpening slit for those who are fond of fishing with sharper fishhooks.

Smith’s consumer product DCS4 diamond combo fine/coarse knife sharpener measures 11 x 5.3 x 3.6 inches, and it weighs 1.6 pounds. Its weight and dimensions makes it compact, portable, and very easy to carry around. The coarse stone is very aggressive, while the fine stone is gentle.

The sharpener has a well-designed handle in which the stones are stored. The handle of the device is made of a rubberized coating that improves the grip. You can conveniently hang the sharpener from your neck or back through the lanyard hole. The handle’s design is simple, black in color and highly user-friendly.


  • Smith’s consumer product DCS4 diamond combo combines the usefulness of both coarse and fine stones. This allows you to work on different knives with varied sharpening requirements.
  • The device’s handle is well-designed to conveniently accommodate the stones until such times when you are in need of them; hence saving you a great deal of space.
  • The sharpener has high utility; apart from the availability of a perforated diamond surface for preventing clogging, the device is also incorporated with a small solid surface for working small blades.
  • The sharpener has a fish hook sharpening slot for conveniently sharpening fishhooks; hence it provides fishermen with an easy time when fishing.


  • The sharpener has a tendency of wearing out a sizeable amount of metal from the knife, despite the fact that it sharpens fast.

Who Should Buy

You should buy this consumer product from Smith, since it will exceed your expectations. You should not struggle to find a combination of stones with the right mix. Smith’s consumer product DCS4 diamond combo combines both coarse and fine stones.

The coarse stone will effectively remove unwanted metal from your blade, while the fine stone will effectively provide you with a flawless finishing. The handle design of this sharpener is just perfect and superior when you compare it with the handles of other knife sharpeners in the market.

This device is not only wider, but also sturdier when sharpening. This is the kind of knife sharpener that will provide you with high quality edges the moment you are done sharpening your knife. This consumer product’s utility is significantly high than any other knife sharpener that you have ever encountered. It provides you with a perforated diamond surface for preventing clogging, and a small solid surface for small items.


This four-star knife sharpener from Smith should be your most desired sharpening gear of your knives. For a fair price, you stand the chance of experiencing the best knife sharpening ever. The sharpener’s design is very simple and easy to use. This product can be used comfortably by different experience levels.

In fact, a first time user will find it very easy to sharpen his or her knife. The sharpening experience will also be amazing and pleasing, due to the stone combination. The handle is just perfect for anyone who wants to sharpen his or her knife every now and then. The handle’s grip is great. With that said, you have every reason to buy this device.