Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker Review



Smoke hollow 30162E is the best electric smoker that you should go for. This is the most convenient smoker for outdoor smoking. The unit’s design is flawless, and its features are great and unique. This is a high quality smoker that will create for you unique smoked flavor.

This unit is designed for outdoor cooking, and it is easy to clean as far as cleaning and maintenance are concerned. The smoker can be used to cook sea food, vegetables and meat among other foods. Furthermore, you can use this generator during winter while temperatures are low, and be rest assured that the cooking temperature in the unit will still be great.

Important Features and Specs

Smoke hollow 30162E is mainly designed for outdoor cooking. The unit is easy to assemble, since all the parts fit perfectly. This electric smoker is fitted with two cooking grids that provide you with enough space that can hold up to twenty two pounds. The grids are uniquely designed to handle foods of different shapes without any difficulties.

The smoker has outstanding temperature control, which is composed of three temperature settings. Each of the settings provides you with the desired cooking temperature. Once you have set the temperature to a given level, the unit’s design will ensure that the set temperature exists until your food is cooked.

The unit is fitted with a magnetic door latching system that works faultlessly. The smoker is also equipped with two side handles for easy transport. You can conveniently transport this electric smoker from the kitchen to the garden for outdoor smoking in matter of minutes. The unit has a 1,500 Watt heating element that is completely adjustable. The heating element is also known to be energy efficient, and leaks minimal heat.

The unit’s measurements (31 by 15 by 17 inches) and weight (47.8 lb.) make it compact and lightweight. Smoke hollow 30162E is electric powered; hence you do not have to deal with residual products as it is with charcoal smokers. The smoker is black in color and made of steel, this makes it firm and durable.

The unit has a striking as well as attractive appearance, one that you will not ignore from a few meters away. This thirty-inch vertical electric smoker is also installed with robust metal legs. The sturdy metal legs ensure that the unit stands a bit higher from the ground, making it easier to access the door. The smoker is powered by 120V that is accompanied by an adjustable heating element with temperatures reaching 400°F


  • This electric smoker is made of an efficient design. Ideally, the temperature gauge will provide you with accurate reading. The readings are accurate regardless of the temperature outside the unit.
  • The unit performance is brilliant. Its performance is mainly promoted by the high-temperature steel woodchip box with lid, along with the porcelain coated-steel water pan.
  • This is a 30-inch electric smoker fitted with long-lasting metal legs, these ensure that the unit is well-elevated from the ground; hence making it easy to access the door.
  • The unit exterior design is made of steel; this makes it robust and resistant to temperature changes outside the unit.


  • After a few rounds of use, smoke just leaks out of the unit, which makes it harder to maintain the desired cooking temperature.

Who Should Buy

You should buy this electric smoker if you are fed up with the barrel type smokers, which are hard to maintain. This electric smoker does not burn out after a few months. The unit’s design allows you to use it outdoors even when temperatures are cold. Smoke hollow 30162E is equipped with two racks that can hold up to twenty two pounds. This capacity is sufficient enough for a family setting as well as outdoor activities, including parties.

This unit provides you with first-hand experience from the moment you purchase it. For instance, when assembling the various parts, you will learn of how important each part will be and how effective the whole unit is going to serve you. A feature unique to this electric smoker is the replaceable parts. You can conveniently replace the heating element as well as the controller for maximum performance. You should buy this smoker if you are in need of cooking a variety of foods, including meat and vegetables.


Smoke hollow 30162E is a four-star electric smoker made of a state-of-the-art steel design; therefore, it is unquestionably long-lasting. It will provide you with the ability of cooking different foods, such as, ribs vegetable, pork shoulder, and chicken.

Actually, you do not want to struggle with the residuals produced by charcoal smokers. You do not also have to conduct a lot of research on this electric smoker. As you have read in this review, all the features are exclusive and proven by most users. You should know that each and every food you smoke with this smoker will not only be tasty, but also amazing.