Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker Review



Smokin-It Model #1 is a five-star electric smoker, which is not only easy to use, but also it is known to be safer than other smoker models. This unit provides you with the opportunity of setting the right temperature to cook your meat. The smoker’s design consists of 100%, eighteen gauge stainless steel. Features unique to this unit include: smoke box, three inches diameter rubber (heavy duty caster), drip pan, and 2 stainless steel grilling racks. This smoker’s designed can effectively hold up to twenty two pounds of meat or seafood.

Important Features and Specs

Smokin-It Model #1 is user-friendly and portable, due to its unique design made of 100% stainless steel (18-gauge). The unit’s capacity can accommodate up to twenty pounds of seafood or meat. The smoker is equipped with a 400 watt heating element, along with LED indicator light, which is characterized by 8 amps, 120V single phase. The smoker’s design is reinforced further by a drip pan, 4 3-inches diameter rubber heavy duty casters, smoke box, and a couple of stainless steel grilling racks. The temperature range of Smokin-It model #1 is a hundred Fahrenheit to two hundred and fifty Fahrenheit, accompanied by fiberglass insulation for minimizing heat loss. Conveniently, this unit does not need assembling of parts to make it functional; it is available in ready-to-use state.

Smokin-It Model #1 exterior dimensions are 15 by 20-3/4 inches along with casters 3-3/4 to its height, and it weighs fifty seven pounds, which makes the smoker compact and lightweight. The unit is equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to move and transport. The unit’s strong stainless structure, in addition to the rugged castor wheels, makes it the best smoker to use in different settings. Smokin-It Model #1 does not have a water tray; however, the absence of this spec does not interfere with the value of meat. The unit is instead, fitted with thermally controlled interior environment that ensures it does not run short of moisture.


  • Smokin-It Model #1 has the capacity of holding up to twenty two pounds of meat or seafood per load. This makes this unit the best choice for a family setup.
  • The smoker’s flavor of the cooked meat is amazing; preferably, you are presented with different flavors. With such flavor varieties you can conveniently smoke your meat or seafood as per your preference.
  • The unit’s heating element can easily be replaced, since it is fairly cheap, and it is incorporated with a long cord that covers a larger ground when accessing the power socket.
  • The smoker has a fiberglass insulation that is useful in minimizing heat loss, and its temperature range is between 100F and 250F, which ensures that your meat is properly smoked.


  • The unit is not fitted with a remote heat sensor, and may not cook a chicken properly as you might have expected.

Who Should Buy

This is the best electric smoker for someone who does not have the time of tolerating the many challenges of most traditional smokers. You should choose Smokin-It Model #1, mainly because there are no contaminants that will go through to your meat, when compared to gas smoker. You might have heard most users complaining about the heating element of their smokers. Well, with Smokin-It Model #1, you do not have to worry, since the heating element can easily be replaced. This is so, since they are easily accessible and are fairly within your budget.

This is the only unit that can provide you with the highest level of simplicity. All you need is to power the smoker, place some wood in it, and then have the lower parts foiled for cleanliness. Once you have done with the above steps, you go ahead and place the meat into the smoker, and then set the temperature conveniently. You thereafter wait for a while and your meat will be ready for consumption. Smokin-It Model #1 is also the safest smoker to own, particularly if you have kids. The unit is insulated with fiberglass; therefore, even if your child bumps accidently on to it, he will only feel a warm sensation, but he will not suffer serious injuries. Ideally, you should buy this unit if you are not only after quality smoking, but also safety.


This highly rated electric smoker is worth the money. It provides you with the highest quality smoked meat and seafood for an electric smoker. Basically, the meat that you smoke with this unit will turn out to be delicious than the one you would buy at various restaurants in your area. The product’s interior and exterior designs are exclusive; both the interior and exterior measurements, along with the product weight of 57 pounds make it unique, compact, and lightweight. Your search of the best electric smoker should end with Smokin-It Model #1. This is the model that will provide you with all the best smoking features at ago.