Smokin-It Model 2 Electric Smoker Review



Smokin-It model 2 electric smoker is the best home electric smoker. This model uses a heating element to produce the desired heat. There is no flame used with this unit; however, the heating capacity is sufficient. The unit’s design is all constructed of stainless steel, and it is well-insulated to minimize heat loss.

The insulation is also important, in that it protects you as well as any other person from burning when one accidentally bumps onto the smoker. You can enjoy smoked salmon and smoked trout, if you own this smoker. The best part of using this electric smoker is that you control the ingredients you use in preparation.

Important Features and Specs

Smokin-It model 2 is all made of stainless steel, and it is well-insulated to minimize heat loss, in addition to providing protection. The insulation consists of insulated fiber glass, which makes certain that this smoker’s design is better than the designs of competing electric smokers. The insulated fiber glass makes it possible for the unit to maintain the set temperature.

Ideally, this electric smoker consists of commercial-grade construction with a capacity of thirty five pounds. The 18-gauge stainless steel ensures that the smoker is long-lasting. The smoker’s grilling racks (four) are also made of stainless steel. This is an upgraded electric smoker equipped with a double latch closure mechanism. The unit’s power cord is twelve foot long; this is enough to ensure that you power the smoker while it is strategically positioned.

Unlike other smokers in the market, this one is fully assembled; all you need to do is have the screws fitted in the casters. The smoker is also packed with a sample of hickory wood, which makes certain that you can use the smoker as soon as you buy it. The unit’s design is installed with a drip pan that easily slides under smoker. It is also installed with a smoke box that can burn either chips or chunks.

Smokin-It model 2 interior measurements are 15 by 15 by 20 inches, and the exterior measurements are 17.25 by 21.5 by 24 in addition to the casters that increases the height by 3-3/4. These measurements in addition to its weight of 79 pounds make the smoker compact and sturdy.

This electric smoker’s is installed with a heating element that has wattage of 700 watts; in addition to LED indicator light of 6.5A 120V single phase. This smoker has a temperature range that lies between 100°F and 250°F. With this range, you can conveniently smoke your food based on the taste and level of smoking you prefer most.


  • The smoker has a user friendly design defined by the following: it comes fully assembled and ready for you to use; the fitted smoke box allows you to use chunks as well as wood chips.
  • The unit is entirely made of stainless steel, and it is well insulated with fiber glass. This helps to minimize heat loss, and at the same time protect you from burns whenever you accidentally bump on the smoker.
  • The smoker has a cooking area of thirty five pounds provided by the 4 stainless-steel grilling racks. This is enough space to smoke variety of foods for your family.
  • The unit is fairly inexpensive when compared to other smokers, and it is fully packed with features that will serve you for years.


  • The smoker comes fully assembled; however, there are chances that the smoker may present some serious design issues in the future.

Who Should Buy

Smokin-It model 2 is the most convenient smoker to buy when you are after value as well as quality. The quality of this unit is excellent, and it fairly roomier than you would have expected. You can buy this smoker to replace ill-designed unit that has been giving you problems. This is the best unit as far as its ability to provide maximum smoking is concerned.

With Smokin-It model 2 you are provided with the opportunity of adjusting cooking temperature from 100°F to 250°F. In addition, the four grilling racks provide you with thirty five pounds capacity of smoking different foods, including meat, pork, chicken, and vegetables. Well, this is the only electric smoker that can provide you with the features that are worth the price. Less than $500 is just enough money to ensure that your smoking is always at its best.


Smoking-It Model 2 is a 4.5-star electric smoker that serves its purpose well. The many positive customer reviews are a proof that this is the smoker that you should look for in the market. Its perfect design simply reveals to you what a great product the smoker is and its numerous features have been proven by a large number of users. There is no single feature that has been commented otherwise on customer reviews. Therefore, you need not to question the performance of this electric smoker. All you need to do is make purchase, and experience the best smoking ever.