Smokin Tex 1100 Pro Series Electric Barbecue Smoker Review



Smokin Tex 1100 pro-series electric barbecue smoker is the smoking unit to engage in the market. This smoker is compact and easy to use when compared to other units. With this unit you stand a better chance of enjoying original as well as delicious barbecue, which you can naturally cook in the smoker at your backyard. This 4.6-star electric smoker is fairly cheap, but equipped with abundant features. All the features of this smoker have been proven by multiple people to be very effective, as far as food smoking is concerned, particularly barbecues.

Important Features and Specs

This electric smoker is very simple as well as easy to use. All you need is to place wood into the smoker and then the food. Afterwards, you set the desired cooking temperature, and there is no need to worry since the food will cook just fine. The thermostat provides even temperature control for low, slow as well as gentle smoking temperature for cooking.

You can conveniently use the cold smoke, including the optional cold smoke plate for preparing cheese and pasta. This smoker’s design consists of controlled heat that is accompanied by a firmly-insulated cabinet. There is also no draft smoking condition, which significantly produces a consistent as well as quality product safe.

Well, this ensures that the smoker does not become hot on the outside. Cleaning and maintenance is easy, as far as this unit is concerned, since grills and rails simply go into the dishwasher. Furthermore, the smoker does not require you to secure special wood, since you can effectively use any dry hardwood you can get. When buying the smoker, you will find that it is already assembled and ready for you to use.

The smoker’s exterior dimensions are 14.75 by 20.5 by 21.25, and it weighs fifty pounds; this makes it compact. The unit is equipped with a three hundred and fifty watts heating element that provides sufficient heat, and does not lose heat that easily. Smokin Tex 1100 pro series has a fairly spacious food capacity of twenty three pounds per load.

This allows you to cook effectively for your family. The unit’s thermostat provides you with a temperature range of 100°F – 250°F. This range is appropriate for smoking variety of foods. This electric smoker is also fitted with two stainless steel racks, and comes with a cookbook in addition to instructions.


  • This electric smoker arrives while it is already assembled, in such a way that it is easy to setup and use. You only need to put in food and wood, close its door, plug it in the wall socket, set the temperature and wait for your barbecue to be ready.
  • The unit’s dimensions, both interior and exterior, along with the height, weight of fifty pounds, and the stainless steel material make this unit compact and sturdy.
  • The smoker is incorporated with an additional feature, which is cold smoke along with an optional cold smoke plate for preparing cheese and pasta.
  • The unit’s design is all made of stainless steel and firm insulation. Therefore, you should not be worried about it losing heat, and at the same time you should know that you are protected from accidental burns whenever you bump onto the smoker.
  • The smoker is fairly small and it can only be convenient for smoking enough food for small family setting, and not a bigger one.

Who Should Buy

Smokin Tex 1100 pro series is the most convenient electric smoker for a small family. The price is good given the fact that the smoker is well-packed with amazing smoking features. The biggest attraction to this electric smoker is that it incorporates smoking methods that can conveniently handle simple vegetable, inexpensive cheese or pasta, and cheap meat and convert all these into special meals.

It does not matter how hard it takes a product to impress you; since 1100 pro series from Smokin Tex will definitely impress you from the very first time you land your eyes on it. It has a state-of-the-art design, and the only way to know the robustness and effectiveness of the design is by purchasing the smoker.


This is a fairly small smoker unit, which can at best smoke food for five people; therefore, it is the right smoker for a small family. You should buy this smoker if you are after a unit that combines quality and performance. The exterior design provides you with a high-class electric smoker to admire, but the interior is something even greater.

When you open the door, you will be welcomed with two stainless steel racks that are well-spaced, providing you with adequate space for cooking vegetables, barbecue, meat, chicken and so on. The temperature range is great, and you actually do not need to monitor the smoker every now and then when smoking.