Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow Review



Pregnancy is such a wonderful moment to enjoy. The feeling of being pregnant gives you a real pleasure and fills your life with happiness. But besides these feelings, there are lots of other changes that are taking place in the woman’s body. As the baby increases in size the pain of the mother also increases gradually.

So it is very important to give her a calm feeling to relief her pain. One of the best methods to lessen the pain of a mother is the use of pregnancy pillow. These pillows are commonly used to reduce the pain of the mother and to give her a perfect sleep at night.

Features and Specifications

The Snoogle Chic pregnancy pillow has following features:

  • Comfortable Material

    The Snoogle Chic pregnancy pillow is made up of smooth material which is 40% polyester and 60% cotton. That combination gives you a soft and smooth feeling while sleeping. It is very important to take the proper rest in pregnancy.

    The restless nights can have a bad impact on the growth of the child so for an expected lady it is very important to take the proper rest. All that will be possible only when you will use a best pregnancy pillow to get the comfortable and pain free sleep.

  • Easy to Use

    The design of the pregnancy pillow is made in such a way that give you the flexibility to use it in a user friendly way. The zipper of the pillow can also be removed easily so it can be easily washed. Secondly the pillow is larger enough to cover the entire body.

    You can cover your entire body from head to toe and you do not need to change the position of the pillow as it will cover you from all the sides and will not disturb you to change the directions all the night.

  • Unique C Shape Design

    The design of the pillow is C shape. It is made in this way to support the entire body. The head and the neck need the support and the upper end of the pillow will provide this support. Similarly the long body of the pillow will cover your entire back to reduce the backaches and it will also make you cozy.

    The lower end is slightly curved and that will get fixed between the legs to support them. All these postures are also considered very important from the pregnancy point of view. That regulates the flow of the nutrients towards placenta and also maintains the position of the baby.

  • Supports the Entire Body

    The unique C shape design of the pillow supports the entire body. It completely covers the body and gives you a perfect warm feeling while sleeping. That feature of the pillow also reduces the pain of various parts of the body and helps you in getting a perfect sleep at night. This Snoogle Chic pregnancy pillow has made the pregnancy a real event to enjoy.

  • Portable

    The fine and light material of the pregnancy pillow has made it portable and light weight. You can easily use it anywhere. You can take it away to any place. If your bed has a small space even then you can use it on carpeted floor to get the real benefits of the pregnancy pillow.


  • It supports the legs, back, hips and tummy
  • It gives uninterrupted sleep at night
  • The material of the pillow is comfortable and durable
  • It perfectly cradle your entire body
  • It can also be used to feed the baby
  • Easily removable cover
  • Washable
  • Used during and after pregnancy


  • Large size which is not suitable for smaller beds
  • Not as firm as other pillows
  • Too big to carry
  • It is high in price and its price is twice or thrice the price of other pillows available in market
  • It covers the entire body so sometimes it can cause the trouble as the baby can face the problem of suffocation. So it is ideal to consult a doctor before using it

Who Should Buy

Ideally this pillow is designed for the pregnant women. It gives the perfect comfort to the body and it also makes the postures of the body relaxed and easy. You can use it to calm yourself, relieves the pain and to get a perfect sleep at night. This pillow has got a feedback score of 4.5 out of 5 which shows the credibility of the product and the trust of the users to buy this product.


The Snoogle Chic pregnancy pillow is rated among the most popular and desirable pregnancy pillows. The feedback scores of the pillow show its popularity among the users. This pillow is highly reliable and it is durable too.

You can use it during pregnancy to make yourself feel contented and to give your entire body a perfect resting posture. You will notice positive results after using this pillow. There will be a sudden decrease in the pain of your body after getting benefits of this wonderful pillow.