Do Solar-Powered Generators Work


A lot of machines run on solar power nowadays, and they have served their purpose well. However, we’re not so sure yet with generators. Do solar-powered generators work?

Solar generators can power a lot of devices

Even for just a short period of time, solar-powered generators can do their job. In fact, as a proof, SolarReviews shared a list of devices a solar generator can charge. Take a look at the highlights:

  • Smartphone = 125-250 hours
  • Tablet = 30-80 hours
  • Power tools = 1-5 hours
  • Laptop = 12-25 hours
  • Refrigerator = 6-25 hours
  • Television = 4-13 hours

Solar generators are quieter and easier to maintain

Here’s another proof of how effective solar-powered generators are. It turns out that these generators are even comparable to the typical gas-powered version.

For starters,┬ásolar generators aren’t noisy at all. They’re perfect for remote areas, especially when you’re camping.

More importantly, solar generators work without fuel. That means less maintenance. Gas-powered ones need a regular change of oil.

In Conclusion

Do solar-powered generators work?

That’s a big yes. In fact, solar generators can provide power to various household essentials. They’re even better than diesel generators when it comes to noise reduction and maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, all types of generators need regular cleaning. If you don’t know how to, we have tips you’ll find helpful.