How to Solder Wire to Metal


Looking for a secure way to connect metal and wire through heat? You’ve come to the right place! Learn how to solder wire to metal.

Since there are different types of wires and metals out there, we want to focus on two specific materials. Here’s a tutorial video about soldering a copper wire to a steel rod:

If you prefer a list of steps, check out some highlights from the video:

  • Clean the metal’s surface before soldering. We also recommend cleaning the soldering iron’s tip for a smoother process.
  • Twist the wire five to seven times around the metal rod.
  • Cut off the excess wire if necessary.
  • Make sure the solder totally covers one side of the coil wrapping the rod.
  • Wait for the solder to cool down.

In Conclusion

Learning how to solder wire to metal is handy for some electronic projects. It turns out that soldering the metal directly is ineffective. You should focus on the wire by making a coil and putting solder on it.

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