Spectra M1 Advanced Portable Single/Double Breast Pump Review



While looking for breast milk pumps you should always prefer those products that are clutter free, easy to use and most of all are a great catch for your money. You don’t want to waste your money into buying something the company claims to be the ground breaker in the market which turns out to be the total opposite. The Spectra M1 breast pump mimics the suckling reflex of your child, allowing the breast pump to get the maximum amount of milk in no time.

So you can do your work at home or go to your office or any of your work place without the need to use breast milk substitutes, when this spectra M1 advanced breast pump helps to give your baby the proper nutrition it needs even when you are busy or away. This is the reason why this pump has been rated highly among the customers worldwide and rate it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Features and Specifications

The Spectra M1 advanced breast pump uses the dual phase technology that completely imitates your baby’s nursing style. It has a back flow filter that prevents any back flow to the motor the lightweight design is easy to handle and easy to carry and it is BPA free so every sip your child takes is free from any harmful radicals that might have passed from bottles made up of BPA products.

  • Dual Phase Technology

    While your child is feeding, it’s swallowing and suckling has two stages. Stage 1 has when the baby takes in the first few drops of milk, swallowing slowly upon which he/she picks up rhythm and becomes faster. This is known as the suckling reflex. This reflex massages the mammary glands in your breasts that have milk stored in them.

    This along with a hormone regulates the milk flow. If you are, however on the go and you cannot feed your child, whether you are going to a hurrying for a meeting or going for shopping, and you will not be present with your child you can’t leave your child unfed for as long as it may take. In such circumstances you can use the breast pumps to eject the milk for your child. But not all breast pumps will work as efficiently as the Spectra M1 advanced breast pump would as it completely mimics the child’s nursing style through its dual phase technology.

    So now you can keep it once your milk starts flowing you can turn the express mode on that will copy your child’s stage two of milk ejection reflex. This feature allows easier, stress free and fast milk ejection.

  • Back Flow Filter

    Another great feature Is the back flow filter of this product. This back flow filter makes it possible for the milk to not to travel backwards in to the power source while inside the tube which happens in most of the breast pumps. This feature provides you benefits in two ways. First it protects the power source so that it does not become moistened break down.

    Secondly it helps in keeping your milk contamination free so that there are no previous milk droplets on it and any microbes can’t grow inside and pass into your child’s gastrointestinal system.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    One thing that separates the breast pump from others in the market is the fact that it is powered by rechargeable batteries. So you have to charge the batteries before using always. You don’t need a wired out source at all, this device can work cordless. This feature both has its pros and cons.

    On the plus side, the product can be used anywhere you want, in any room of your house with equal ease, making it perfect for traveling purposes. But on the negative side the power does not last more than 3 pumps or 90 minutes at maximum. So you have to keep it charged all the time if you are traveling or if you are using it every day.

  • Exterior

    The Spectra M1 advance breast pump is lightweight, weighing only 1.5 pounds making it one of the lightest products of its kind in the market today. This feature makes it easier to handle, feels ultra light and does not cause any discomfort while holding it for milk ejection. Its compact design and well put through look makes it a good catch. There aren’t many separate products attached with it which benefits you as it will be easier to keep without risking any loss.


  • Lightweight compact design
  • Travel friendly
  • Dual phase technology
  • Good customer service
  • Cordless
  • Soft massager and vacuum allows easy integration according to your body’s needs
  • Back flow filter


  • Rechargeable battery has to be connected to charging outlet after every 90 minutes
  • Some complain of it hurting them

Who Should Buy

All new mothers who want to give their child the best nutrition they need but are too busy to do so shall buy this pump. It will provide your child your milk when you are not around. And that too in the most efficient and easiest way.


With its dual phase technology, back flow filter, cordless feature, soft massager and adjustable to your body’s need, this breast pump is ideal for your money. Perhaps the only hiccup is the small time window it gives to you to work with it on its batteries without connecting it to the charger.