Are Split Ends Bad


Split ends are common. Majority of people actually have them and they can be a bit frustrating. If you are unsure if you have them, take a good look at the tips of your hair. A split end is when the hair begins splitting at the ends because of too much hair chemicals or too much heat from styling tools. Now, are split ends bad?

Yes, they are

It’s because they don’t normally go away on their own and the longer you keep them, the more damage they can cause. And even if your hair is growing, it wouldn’t appear that way since split ends cause your hair to keep breaking.

Now, take note that split ends don’t automatically happen for people with dry hair. You see, if you apply deep conditioning products and hair masks, you will be able to save your dry hair. However, with split ends, there’s really nothing your hair products can do.

To remove them, you simply need to cut them off. While you might end up with a shorter hair because of that, it’ll still be worth it since you’ll be able to grow your hair without signs of weakness or breakage after a while.

If you don’t want to deal with that, avoid exposing your hair to too much heat or harsh chemicals. Make sure you are using gentle hair products and that you regularly trim your hair. For additional tips, find out what you need to do while growing out your hair.