Sportsman GEN4000LP 4,000 Watt 6.5 HP OVH Propane Powered Portable Generator Review



Sportsman GEN4000LP is propane powered portable generator, which usually generates substantial amounts of power. This generator commonly operates with 4000 surge watts and 3250 running watts. GEN4000LP has the ability to run common household appliances, along with power tools.

The unit is the most ideal power gear for tailgating parties as well as small camping. The unit has a 6.5hp, 4-stroke engine, which is recoil start type, and has the ability of producing clean power. GEN4000LP is not only affordable, but equipped with high quality features, including automatic low shutdown and overload protected outlets.

Important Features and Specs

Sportsman GEN4000LP delivers maximum performance as far as the generation of clean power is concerned. This is made possible due to its recoil start engine of 6.5hp, 4-stroke OHV model. The unit operates on 4000 surge watts and 3250 running watts. It is a propane powered generator, which at half load runs up to ten hours; with propane fuel hose along with regulator included.

The generator engine is well protected from burning up when the fuel runs out by the automatic low-oil shutdown mechanism. At sixty eight decibels, the engine operates at relatively low noise that rarely interferes with your chores. The fact that GEN4000LP engine runs on propane makes it unique as far as power production is concerned.

The propane-driven engine burns cleaner when compared to the conventional gas-driven engines. Ideally, there are as low as 40% carbon monoxide emissions. With GEN4000LP, you need not to worry about the carburetor getting spoiled, as a result of degenerated gas since propane burns cleaner.

The unit’s weight of 88 pounds, along with its assembled depth of 24.5 inches, assembled width of 17.5 inches, and assembled height of 18 inches make it compact and portable. It has automatic voltage regulation mechanism. GEN4000LP is not CARB complaint; therefore, California people cannot purchase it.

It has engine specs of 6.5hp, 4-stroke OHV model, runs on propane gas, has an engine displacement of 196cc, and the engine make is OEM branded. Has three circuits/ outlets, including 2 120 Volt outlets in addition to 1 12 Volt DC outlet for battery charging. It makes use of a standard gas grill style LPG tank, and has a fuel tank capacity of 100 gallons.

GEN4000LP has a fuel load consumption of 1.0 gallon per hour. Has a muffler and operational volume of 68 decibels. Has a run time of 10 hour/tank at half load. The unit does not have auto idle control mechanism and built-in inverter. As far as certifications and listings are concerned, GEN4000LP is 1-UL Listed.


  • Uses propane, which burns cleaner; thus, the carburetor, does not get fouled as a result of degenerated gas.
  • It runs for longer durations than the gas-powered portable generators at ten hour run time on half load.
  • It offers maximum performance, due to its recoil start 6.5hp, 4-stroke OHV engine.
  • Has low-oil shutdown system that ensures the engine goes off when the minimal oil mark is reached, preventing it from frying up.


  • NOT CARB compliant; therefore, California people cannot buy it.
  • Cannot be converted to run on natural gas.

Who Should Buy

You should buy Sportsman GEN4000LP portable generator to experience the efficiency of propane gas. Apart from it not fouling the carburetor, propane enables the generator to run for longer durations; thus providing you with enough power for all your immediate needs.

GEN4000LP is the convenient choice for powering sump pump at a construction that has no electricity. This unit presents the best power source alternative in the event of bad weather leading to power outage for longer durations. You can use it to supply your home with power to run household electrical appliances.

Its portability also makes it a good choice for camping trips. Its full load consumption of 1.0 gallons per hour provides you with proper estimates on how much propane you need for your operations. Of all the generators in the market, GEN4000LP will not only run for longer durations, but also operate under minimal noise level of 68 decibels, allowing you to go about you activities without much disturbance.


Sportsman GEN4000LP is an easy top rated piece of art as far as portable generators are concerned. The fact that it is propane-powered allows it to provide clean power for longer durations. You should buy this generator, since GEN4000LP is all about value and quality. Its wattage along with propane-powered engine provides you with the most convenient choice for a portable generator.

Gas-powered portable generators may be fitting, but this unit is not only satisfactory, but also efficient. You should buy this unit, and earn yourself the right of experiencing the superiority of propane-powered engine over gas-powered engine. When buying Sportsman GEN4000LP, you should know that it is rated the best propane-powered portable generator in the market. Therefore, it is worth every penny.