Does Steam Mop Kill Bacteria


Friends and family often come walking in their shoes through your house. When this happens so, it’s not only dirt they bring in with themselves. They bring more harmful substances like viruses, germs, fungi and on top of all bacteria. You can observe it with health trend of yourself and people living in your house.

What Research Says

  • “Genome Biology”, a scientific journal states, the result of recent research conducted at San Diego University’s Scott Kelley Biology Lab, “With our shoes, we bring a collection of bacteria into our homes”.
  • These shoes if not left outside home bring these dirt and germs all over the house.
  • They for sure have a negative effect on our health as well as on the health of our loved ones.
  • Also, these dust, fungi, moulds, viruses, dirt, bacteria and other various types of allergies are highly attractive to your pets.
  • These microorganisms when left on the floor become the reasons for various diseases and in intensifying allergies.

What are Bacteria

  • Bacteria are the most complex of all microbes.
  • They can even survive through water, food or even dirt feeds on our surfaces.
  • They are attractive to humid conditions where they form “biofilm” which looks like a thick pad.
  • This makes them harder to kill as ten to reproduce on their own.
  • Common diseases are urinary area infections, strep esophagus, and diarrhoea.
  • The serious problems caused are bacterial meningitis, pneumonia, howling cough, and tuberculosis.

Ways of Removing Bacteria

  • There are three primary ways of removing the harmful particles from your home, divided on the basis of the intensity of the removal of hazards.
  • Cleaning: The visible dust is removed from a surface.
  • Sanitizing: It requires a clean area. The techniques come under are those which decreases the level of germs considered safe by the standards of public health. Majority of germs get killed in this method.
  • Disinfecting: Strong chemicals are employed to kill 99.9999% of germs.

Options Available and Expert Suggestion

  • Firstly, it is highly recommended to take the shoes off before entering the home so that the bacteria are not moving with you. Extra care is required especially if you have a family which includes babies, kids and pets.
  • Also, touching of a surface not cleaned should be avoided.
  • A vacuum cleaner is also a good option but it would only suck up the visible dust and dirt on the surface.
  • The hard way to sanitize is to use conventional mops, disposable cloths, paper towels, buckets and cleaning agents. Further, they should be properly washed and dried so there are no germs attached to them as well.
  • The fastest and efficient way is to use steaming mops as it contains speed and ease of vacuum cleaner and sanitization of traditional mops.
  • It also dries up the surface very quickly which prevents germs to develop. Sometimes, the damp service results in survival of few bacteria.
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) operating from the U.S has classified steaming mop as “pesticide device”. It normally refers to a product killing insects, insects, bacteria, viruses etc. and works electrically, thermally, mechanically or by solar means as well.
  • It is free from any chemicals or cleaners.

What Steaming Mop Does

  • What steam mop does is cleans, sanitizes and leaves an aroma.
  • The steam mop exerts steam when water in the tank reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature recommended by Disease Controls Centers.
  • The suction area takes up all dust and one round sanitizes the whole floor.
  • The microbes removed include Salmonella, Staph bacteria, E. coli, viruses and other bacteria. This covers 99.9% of dirt and germ removal.
  • This all is done without any tiring activity of greasing the elbow as required in conventional mopping. You don’t have to scrub as much.
  • It not only takes care of different floors, it is also efficient for carpets, upholstery, and mattresses.
  • Allergy UK assures that majority of steam mops takes care of allergies which is very beneficial for asthma patients.
  • These days we see steaming mops with special features. Some concentrate on special floors which are hard to connect, some on quick cleaning, and some providing convenience. All these have the basic feature of killing germs on a primary basis.
  • There also hand-held mops which can be used to clean Kitchen areas, side tiles, showers etc.

New Developments in Industry

  • The newest innovation in steam mops is Germ Killing Floor Steamer.
  • It takes water heating up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The time required to sanitize the floor through this equipment is ten seconds.
  • Some steaming mops also come with special chemicals like Hoover which not only optimizes the cleaning but also creates a resistant floor for bacteria.


To sum up all the information stated above:

  • A steaming mop is developed due to a demand which required a convenient sanitizer, environmental friendly in nature.
  • It is revealed in research that they are efficient and good killers of bacteria up to 99.9%.
  • It is highly recommended by experts as it also does not have any negative effects on health.

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