Steamfast SF-294 3-in-1 Steam Mop Review



How good would it feel that all your cleaning needs are fulfilled by one steaming mop? You do not need to dream about it anymore because you can have it in reality.

Through Steamfast SF-294 3-in-1 Steam Mop you can clean your floors; you can use it as handheld cleaner through steam, and a steamer for fabric. This gives a lot of options and versatility from not only one but also an easy usage device.

It is not only user friendly but also environmental friendly as it only uses water and cleans without the use of any harmful cleaners. You can achieve optimum amount cleaning in each floor by using variable steam control settings.

The handle can swivel around so you can now also clean the nooks, corners and hard to reach areas. The pad’s strength is set to an accurate so that it does not ruin your flooring but in the same time cleans it even from sticky stains.

Important Features and Specs

The company calls it the next generation of steam mop. It sanitizes and cleans many types of hard floors with just ordinary tap water and microfiber pads which are made absorbent. The variable steam control setting allows optimum cleaning while dealing cautiously with any type of hard floor including subtle hard wood floors and strong tiles and marbles.

These all features are only one part of the story. You can clean dust and dirt from all vertical surfaces of your home like shower, sinks through the handheld steam cleaner. Want to make upholstery and fabric wrinkle free? Use Steamfast SF-294 and see the results. It is made to operate in 120 volts only.

  • Salient Features

    The handheld can clean the sinks, mirrors and showers not from dust but also kills germs and bacteria. All three functions are portable, very light weight, and can be used with an ease. The tank has 15 ounces capacity for water. The water can be converted to steam in just 30 seconds.

    You can also refill the water tanks hassle free and steam your house for as long as you want. Without using a single ounce of chemical cleaner, you can clean your bathrooms, kitchens, fabrics, vertical surfaces and floors.

  • Variable Steam Control

    Clean and increase the life of your floor with variable steam intensity. The 3 in 1 function of steam mop, fabric steamer and handheld steam cleaner saves a lot for consumer. No harsh chemicals needed to sanitize, clean and deodorize as everything can be done by natural means. You can steam up to 25 minutes continuously. The water is converted into steam in only 30 seconds. So you can mop just after half a minute of turning on.

    The water tank can be filled without waiting for the tank to cool down. Its capacity is 15 ounces. You can clean the whole bathroom in one go.12 handy extensions and variable steam control takes the dirt and dust efficiently.

  • Swivel Handle

    The handle swiveling technology allows you to clean even the tiniest area which is very hard to reach in conventional mops.

    A reasonable amount of water is left on floor during cleaning even with the head of mop on and on lowest possible steam settings. You do not need to wear kneeling and gloves when cleaning toilet and grout with SF-294. The long enough handle and brush / nozzle attachment allows user this luxury.

    Users believe the operation is long as you have to take out the mop, fill the tank then the attachments needs to be changed, then the handle needs to be adjusted, and finally then plug it in. after cleaning, empty the tank and let it dry.


  • After using mop, the floor drying is also improved.
  • The handheld function allows to clean countertops and vertical surfaces.
  • It can also be stored in a small area.


  • The fiber pad has to bear all the dirt so it needs to be rinsed even before cleaning is completed.
  • SF-294 leaves behind in clumps substantial amount of lint, fiber and hair. If the quantity is high there.

Who Should Buy

If your bathroom is stone tiled, then buy a steamfast and make bathroom cleaning a breeze. It works fairly well in low to medium steam setting in the form of handheld steam cleaner around toilet base, tub rim, shower glass.


It is literally a multifunction steamer. You can clean floor, vertical surface and even fabric with it. What more is needed now? The floor it is compatible with is hardwood, linoleum, marble, and tile.

Take out the bucket and mop out now. Throw the cleaning chemicals in the trash and be green. After cleaning floor, go to your bath room and clean all areas. Then go to kitchen and clean the counter tops. It is still not finished. Go to your fabric and make it wrinkle free.