How Often to Sterilize Baby Bottles


Babies have weak immune systems which make them vulnerable to bacteria and infections. With that, you have to make sure that everything your baby touches is free from germs. That includes your baby’s feeding bottle. So, how often to sterilize baby bottles?

It Depends On Your Baby’s Health

If your little one is generally healthy, sterilizing his baby bottles prior to the first use should be enough. It gets rid of any contaminants and bacteria that get on the bottles when it’s being made and shipped.

In case your baby was born prematurely, sterilize more often to cut down on bacteria that can harm your baby’s health.

Why There’s No Need to Sterilize Too Often

Majority of today’s water sources are considered safe. You won’t have to excessively worry about contamination. Additionally, cleaning baby bottles with hot and soapy water or a few cycles in your dishwasher or bottle sterilizer should be enough to get rid of most germs from the bottles.

As you wash your baby’s feeding bottles over time, they can crack and break down. Once you see any signs of damage, such as chipping, cracking, and breaking, make sure to replace the bottles right away. This is to make sure you don’t compromise your baby’s health.