When Should Babies Stop Drinking Formula


We all know that formula milk is for babies only. As your child grows up, you need to gradually switch to full cream milk. When should babies stop drinking formula?

According to Child and Youth Health, you should start giving full cream milk after your baby reaches 12 months old. This is also the perfect time to wean your child from the bottle. Remember to use a high-quality sippy cup.

Aren’t you curious why it should be full cream milk? Why not something with lower fat content?

For optimum nourishment and energy, kids up to two years old should drink full cream milk. Low-fat milk isn’t ideal for toddlers.

If you really prefer something else other than full cream milk, you may feed your baby with soy milk. However, your child’s soy milk should have higher levels of calcium.

If you want to resort to rice milk, we don’t recommend it. Its protein content is not enough for babies.

In Conclusion

When should babies stop drinking formula?

Formula is only crucial for the first 12 months of your baby’s life. Switch to full cream milk to provide maximum nourishment. If you prefer the alternative, serve soy milk but make sure it has lots of calcium.

Despite the benefits of formula, breastmilk will always be the better option. However, it’s trickier to handle for storage. Learn how to properly store expressed milk.