When to Stop Pacifier Use


Pacifiers are generally essential for babies since they can easily soothe a fussy child. However, they will eventually lose their purpose as the baby grows older. Find out when to stop pacifier use!

Start weaning your baby after six months old.

Six months old is the ideal age for your baby to stop using pacifiers. Check out the following reasons:

  • Lower Risk of SIDS

    One of the main benefits of pacifiers is to protect your child from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Fortunately, by six months old, your baby becomes much better at controlling his breath and movements.

    If this is the number one reason why you let your baby use a pacifier, then stop worrying too much when he’s finally six months old.

  • Lower Risk of Ear Infections

    Longer use of pacifiers will make your baby vulnerable to ear infections. This is even more crucial if your child is really suffering from the condition, especially in his middle ear. Not using a pacifier will lower the risk to 33 percent.

Special cases call for longer pacifier use.

Surprisingly, there are certain situations that require pacifiers even beyond six months old. Babies need immediate soothing during these tough times:

  • Moving to a new home
  • Moving to a new daycare center
  • Having a new babysitter or caregiver
  • Having a new sibling
  • Family tragedies

That’s right; babies can experience stress, too. Without pacifiers, it would be really tough for you to soothe your baby.

If you’re worrying about orthodontic problems because of your baby’s extended pacifier use, we have some information that might put you at ease.

Some pediatric dentists actually believe that pacifiers aren’t related to dental problems – unless permanent teeth start coming out. Even better, your baby is more likely to have healthy pearly whites with orthodontic pacifiers.

Still, it is best to wean your baby from pacifiers as soon as he reaches six months old.


Never forget when to stop pacifier use. You should learn how to wean your baby from it when he’s six months old. However, remember the special conditions that might require you to give a pacifier to your child again.