How to Store Breast Milk When Going Out


Every parent should know how to store breast milk when going out. This will prevent spills and loss of freshness. Just imagine wasting precious breast milk after hours of pumping.

Since traveling with expressed milk is serious business, pay attention to the following tips from

  • Store breast milk in hard baby bottles with screw caps.
  • The diaper bag should be thick and weather-resistant.
  • Let your baby consume the milk within 10 hours if the storage temperature is 66 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Give the milk to your baby within four to six hours during hot weather.
  • Place the breast milk in lower temperatures during long travels (we recommend cooler bags).
  • Write the date on each container for easier monitoring.

By the way, at airports, the authorities might inspect your expressed milk containers. For a faster process, ensure that the containers are easily accessible all the time. Also, don’t pack more milk than necessary to avoid longer inspections.

In Conclusion

We’re finally done discussing the tips on how to store breast milk when going out. Just don’t forget to use a heavy-duty bag and leak-proof bottles.

When it comes to proper storage techniques at home, learn how to store breast milk in the fridge. As a plus, we have tips on how to warm up the milk when it’s time to feed your baby.