Where to Store Electric Smoker


Can you actually leave your electric smoker outside? Can you leave it there and get it wet? Where to store electric smoker?

A lot of people who don’t have adequate space at home for electric cookers often find themselves asking those questions. If you are one of them, here’s the answer:

Just keep it dry

It doesn’t really matter where you keep your electric smoker. You can store it in your porch, garage or backyard. However, you have to remember two things:

One is that you have to keep your electric smoker dry. Unless your cooking equipment has enough epoxy resins and the right gaskets to protect it from water, you should have no problem getting it wet. There are outdoor electric smokers you can purchase. Otherwise, be sure to keep your unit in some place where it can stay dry.

Now, if you decide to keep it in your garage or inside your home, be sure to wheel it outdoors so you won’t have to inhale all the smoke. It also makes the smoker easier to clean.

A word of caution:

If you leave your electric smoker outdoors and they got wet, it’s best not to turn it on right away. Allow it to completely dry first to ensure your safety.

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