How to Store Electric Toothbrush


Just like ordinary toothbrushes, the electric type requires proper storage to maintain hygiene. Don’t go anywhere for we’re about to tell you how to store electric toothbrush.

According to the popular brand Oral-B, the perfect way to store an electric toothbrush is by leaving it upright in a cup or a holder that has no cover. Air-drying is crucial to keep the toothbrush safe for daily use.

Wait, what about covered toothbrush holders?

Sadly, they’re common breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. If they’re totally covered, moisture lingers inside. A wet or damp environment is exactly where bacteria thrive.

However, if you really prefer covering your electric toothbrush, we understand. After all, we should also consider possible pests in the bathroom as well as airborne germs.

Just make sure that the cover has small holes. This is important to promote airflow.

In addition, if you’re going to store multiple toothbrushes in just one holder, choose something that has dividers to avoid contamination. You should also learn how to clean it regularly to remove the presence of bacteria.

Even though experts are pretty adamant about air-drying, there’s an exception. During travel, always keep your electric toothbrush 100% covered. Aside from bacteria, dirt and dust usually stay inside bags and suitcases.

In Conclusion

You should learn how to store electric toothbrush properly to prevent bacteria from staying on the handle and bristles. Simply leave your toothbrush in an open container. If you prefer a covered holder, choose the one with small holes to allow airflow.

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