How to Store Hair Ties


Sick and tired of losing your elastics all the time? Luckily for you, there’s a simple solution for that.

Be resourceful!

That’s right; it turns out that storing elastic ties is super-easy. You just need to use items you can find in your own home.

To give you some ideas, find out how to store hair ties based on the tips we got from Bustle:

Hang your hair ties

If your wall has a limited number of nails or hooks, that’s a huge disadvantage if you have a lot of hair ties. The solution is to find something you can hang on the wall. In addition, it should be able to hold multiple elastics.

The best item for that is an unused carabiner. You can clip it to secure your hair ties.

You may also use a hook from your shower curtain. However, some hooks can’t be clipped. Your hair ties will easily fall from the gap.

Another option is to use a fashion necklace you don’t use anymore. If you don’t have one, there are a lot of cheap options out there.

Place your hair ties on a glass or bottle

First, let’s talk about putting your elastics in a glass. Since you can’t easily fit your hand in most glasses, you need something much smaller.

Empty candle glasses are ideal containers for hair ties. They’re really short yet wide, perfect for holding elastics.

Regarding the bottle technique, simply stack your hair ties by putting them around the neck. Feel free to decorate the bottle so you can proudly display it in your room.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to store hair ties, you’re less likely to lose elastics again. Just hang them or use a container to hold them.

Hair ties aren’t just for ponytails and braids. They’re also important for sectioning hair when you use styling tools. As an example, find out how to use a flat iron for curling hair.