How Often Can You Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging It


There’s nothing bad about wanting¬†to look good every single day. Unfortunately, your hair has its limits – even more so if you’re going to straighten it frequently. How often can you straighten your hair without damaging it?

Despite the natural fragility of hair, you may actually straighten it every day! Good news, right? However, this involves doing drastic measures before, during, and after the styling process.

Do some preparations.

Follow the tips below for preparing your hair for the process:

Be meticulous while straightening your hair.

You know what they say, “Slow and steady wins the race.”¬†Ironic as it may come, you can actually straighten your hair faster if you do it step by step.

The success of your daily straightening relies on proper sectioning of hair. Always clip the upper sections of your hair before focusing on the bottom layers.

If you’d just go ahead and flatiron any section you touch, you wouldn’t be satisfied with the outcome and do the process longer than necessary.

Maintain your hair.

After your hair cools down from the straightening process, apply a moisturizing serum. This will prevent frizz and keep your hair healthy.

Additionally, treat your hair every month with a refreshing coconut oil mask. This is crucial if you’re really going to straighten your hair daily.

In Conclusion

How often can you straighten your hair without damaging it?

Do it every day as you please! Just follow all the tips we’ve discussed. Rest assured your hair will stay gorgeous without consequences.