How Long to Straighten Hair


You want straighter hair, but will the process take too much of your time?

We’re telling you right now – there’s no right answer on how long to straighten hair. Remember, people have different hair types.

Besides, there are various ways to straighten your hair. You can either use intense heat from a flat iron or resort to more permanent means, specifically chemical straighteners.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve visited some popular forums and platforms like The Student Room and Quora. With these community pages, we can have a glimpse of other people’s experiences on hair straightening. Here are some highlights:

Using flat irons can go as fast as two minutes.

That’s right – some people can straighten their hair in just a couple of minutes. BUT, that’s only the case for people with short, thin hair. Too obvious, right?

Let’s take it up a notch with the following hair types:

  • Long, thin hair = five minutes
  • Normal hair = 10-25 minutes
  • Extremely thick hair with gentle waves40-45 minutes (30 minutes if in a ponytail)
  • Extremely thick hair up to your waist = 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Afro hair = two hours

Chemical hair straightening requires several hours.

Japanese straightening, no matter what your hair type is, can reach four hours. This is the case if your stylist is a real pro, meticulously going through each section of your hair. That’s way better than a speedy process, which is more damaging to your locks.

Meanwhile, if you have thick waist-length hair, expect more than four hours. The same idea goes with other chemical straightening methods.


Knowing how long to straighten hair can help you avoid any hassle since you’ll be able to plan your day right. Don’t forget that if you’d prefer permanent hair straightening, it would be best to reserve your weekend for that.