Can Straightening Your Hair Cause Hair Loss


Is it really possible to lose hair after straightening it? Yes, there’s a good chance.

According to a hair cosmetics study, hair strength can deteriorate from chemicals used in straighteners. Chemicals have the tendency to affect your hair’s moisture and cuticles which can result in breakage.

Based on another research, hair loss is the third most common side effect of using chemical straighteners. Other adverse reactions include frizzy hair, dandruff, greying, and split ends.

To begin discussing the specifics of chemical risks related to hair straightening, let’s focus first on alkaline straighteners. This type of straightener can have a pH level above 13. Since your hair is expected to be sensitive to massive pH changes, it might get vulnerable to friction and will eventually become weaker.

We still have a couple of examples that can prove the connection between hair straighteners and hair loss. Check these out:

Alkaline straighteners are more harmful with hair dye.

If you’re a person who loves making a statement with different hair colors, then you might have to say goodbye to that after chemical straightening.

Since most artificial straighteners contain alkaline, you’re most likely to use one. Now, alkaline has a higher chance of triggering hair loss when you apply hair dye containing ammonia or ethanolamine.

As an alternative, you may search for semi-permanent hair dyes. These products usually lack ammonia and ethanolamine. Just don’t forget to wait for at least two weeks after your straightening procedure to apply color.

Relaxers can burn your scalp.

Some people resort to permanent methods just to ensure they’ll have straight hair for years to come. One effective substance is the relaxer which is applied before washing the hair.

Only expert stylists are qualified to apply relaxers. Why? A few mistakes can already lead to scalp burns and ultimately severe hair breakage. Don’t ever try this method at home.

However, you don’t have to get all paranoid when you’re about to get your hair straightened in a salon. It is actually possible to test different relaxers to know what’s really ideal for your hair type. The process will involve using a strand of your hair to test your compatibility with a certain relaxer.

After the compatibility test, it is possible that your stylist might conclude that your hair is too weak for chemical straighteners. You’ll be forced to resort to other means, especially natural alternatives.

In Conclusion

Hair straightening can definitely cause hair loss. However, this only happens with chemical straighteners, especially when they’re applied the wrong way. To ensure you’ll stay on the safe side, start looking for natural ways to straighten your hair.

Here’s a safer option than chemical straighteners – heat. Check out the best dual voltage hair straighteners or flat irons! To learn more about these styling tools, find out some common hacks and safety precautions in using them.