Does Straightening Hair Make It Thinner


A lot of people consider getting their hair straightened for one reason and that is to make their hair look thinner. If you are one of those people, you’re probably asking yourself the same thing: does straightening hair make it thinner?

Straightening Your Hair Makes It Feel Thinner

This is because using a hair straightener tames the hair, particularly the frizz and split ends. However, once you wash your hair, it goes back to its original state. Of course, if you are getting your hair chemically straightened, the results will last longer. Once the treatment and chemicals wear off, your hair will get back its volume and frizz.

Straightening Hair Makes It Weak

Now, take note that even though hair straightening can make your crowning glory look good, it doesn’t mean that it’s entirely safe.

Chemical straightening can weaken hair strands and make it prone to breakage. Improper use of hair straighteners can also do the same thing. These two can lead to hair loss, thinning the hair out.

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