What Are the Strongest Drill Bits


If your next drilling project is tougher than your usual work, you need the best drill bits for that. Strength is a crucial factor for precision and durability. With that in mind, what are the strongest drill bits?

Cobalt, black oxide, and titanium drill bits are the strongest in the market right now. They have their own pros and cons, though. Learn more about them below:

Cobalt drill bits are perfect for hard metals

Only the strongest materials can penetrate stainless steel, cast iron, and other hard metals. One of which is cobalt.

However, drill bits don’t exactly contain 100% cobalt. They’re actually made of an alloy composed of cobalt and steel. Cobalt represents only five to eight percent of the entire alloy.

Despite the small amount of cobalt in a drill bit, it can already strengthen steel. It also improves heat resistance. It can even retain the bit’s quality even with regular sharpening.

Luckily for you, cobalt drill bits are easy to spot. They have a dull gold finish even when brand-new.

The big downside of cobalt drill bits is the price. They’re generally more expensive.

Titanium drill bits are harder than the cobalt type

Based on the explanation from theĀ Best of Machinery, titanium drill bits can be considered stronger than the cobalt version. Its resistance to heat is top-notch.

However, titanium drill bits aren’t user-friendly. No matter how dull the tip is, you should never sharpen one. The only thing you can do is either pay someone to coat it with titanium nitride or buy a new one.

Black oxide drill bits are ideal for hard and soft metals

Just like the first two types, black oxide drill bits are mostly made of steel. The black oxide part is just the finish after heating High-Speed Steel (HSS) to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

Black oxide improves the resistance of steel to corrosion. It also boosts efficiency by reducing friction while drilling. That’s why it’s commonly used for drilling various metals.

In Conclusion

What are the strongest drill bits?

Three of the strongest drill bits include cobalt, titanium, and black oxide. They’re specifically designed for drilling hard metals.