Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor Review



Summer Infant is worldwide famous baby monitor producer and this model is one of the most popular from their offer. It has several promising features and at this moment is definitely one of the top selling products. The fact that is the real standout of this product is the touch screen technology. Most of competitors’ products do not use this type of displays despite the fact that they are very popular these days. On the other hand, even though this product has some very useful features, it does not have Voice Activated Power Saver Mode

If you would like to find out what are other important features of this product, you should continue reading this review.

Important Features and Specs

The very unique feature of this product is the touch screen display with 3.5” diameter that distinguishes it from many other competitors’. It is a user friendly and intuitive display with very modern design. It enables users to control the camera, have direct communication with a child, or even to have visual control of sound activities in child’s room.

This device uses 2.4 GHz wireless digital technology. If you think about the safety of your privacy, you can be sure that it is guaranteed since this product is programmed to instantly encrypt data and send it in safe mode. The working range of this model is smaller comparing to many other competitors’ products and it counts only 400 Ft.

Summer Infant Baby Monitor is equipped with a highly sensitive microphone which enables clear connection with your baby. This baby monitor has two way communication so you can clearly hear what is your baby doing at the moment, or you can sing songs to the baby for a good night. In addition, it has LED lights that are activated on the sound level. This feature is particularly important if you are sitting in a noisy room with several people and you need visual signals of baby’s sounds activities.

Every display can be connected with additional 3 cameras. They are sold separately as the Summer Infant model # 28060. This fact is very important for growing families that have several children at the same time. If you decide to use several cameras at once, you can install scan feature that helps you to control several places at once. Each camera has a remote control and you can easily pin, tilt or zoom the camera via the touch screen monitor.

The pan and tilt features move the camera side to side and up and down, while zooming increases and decreases your viewing area. Camera can be installed on walls or tabletops thanks to the hardware and security clips. Camera can used during the night as well due to IR night vision. It helps you to control your children while they are sleeping. While this mode is turned on, video is black-white.

Even though this device has many positive characteristics, there are some disadvantages that can affect your regular usage of it. For instance, it does not have Voice Activated Power Saver Mode – VOX which is typically installed in many similar products. In addition, Infant Baby Monitor does not offer possibility to control room temperature.


  • Scanning feature
  • Possibility to connect with 4 cameras
  • High quality of the sound (no static)
  • Touch screen
  • Night vision
  • Average battery life
  • Two-way communication
  • Sound activated LED signals
  • Remote control of camera


  • Does not have temperature control of room
  • Does not have VOX (Voice Activated Power Saver Mode)
  • Several series with lower quality of the product
  • Video quality could be improved
  • Slight Wi-Fi interference
  • Small range (400 Ft)

Who Should Buy

This device is perfect for parents with small children. Since it can be connected with 4 cameras at the same time, it is the perfect choice for growing families with several children. It can be used in cases in many situations, such as when you need to finish house works, when you gave company, or even when you want to have some free time, but to take care of your beloved at the same time. Some people use this product when they have older parents who need constant care and assistance. Apart from it, you can set video control of your rooms and to use this product for monitoring.


This product, with its elegant design and above average technical characteristics, surely meets criteria of the most demanding users. Despite this fact, you can come across a certain number of negative reviews which prove the statement that there are several series of this product with the lower quality. In order to prevent problems with clients, this company developed very responsible client support that is available 24/7 and whose purpose is to help you will all problems which you have with your baby monitor.

All in all, this baby monitor is in the market top at this moment, and analyzing trends in this industry it will keep this position for some time.