Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate Review



When you need some innovative solutions and have safety concerns to your baby gate requirement, Summer Infant is the door to knock. The company has a reputation to build products which are revolutionary and keep child safe so to make parents life easy. This gate is the new addition in their creative product line.

The color and material of the gate is bronze and has all the basic requirements of being hassle free usage, effective, simple to install with the help of the instructions provided. The usage of gate is diverse as you can install it in entrance and exit of stairs, doorways or any other opening which comes in the range of its width.

Important Features and Specs

  • Convenient

    With this Walk-Thru Gate, you can keep your child in any part of the home you want to. The gate is also very stylish complemented by the bronze metal color and you can install it in majority of stairways and door openings. You can mount is securely with the help of hardware. Also, if you do not need to have streaks or marks on walls then you can use pressure mounts.

  • Flexible

    The gate is very easy to use and install. The installation can be done in two ways, either mounted through pressure or hardware. The pressure mounting is done through tension bolts. They get installed without any tools or additional drilling, so there would be no scratches or marks on your walls. The hardware mounting is provided if you need a secure installation on entrance and exit of stairways.

    The height of gate is 36 inches. It can fit from 28 inches to 48 inches wide openings. The gate can easily be opened by just one hand and provides auto closure. It can easily be opened in any the direction. You can use it in top and bottom of stairs or between rooms.

  • Safe and Secure

    It comes with a door stop which makes it extra secure when used in stairways. The gate automatically get closed and locked after walking through. The height of gate is 36 inches so you can use this gate to secure babies of up to 2 years old and small pets as well. You can mount it on openings from 28 inches up to 48 inches wide with the help of two 4.5 inches extension and one 9 inches extension. You can get a secure and precise installation with these extensions.

  • ¬†Stylish

    The walk through gate gives a very stylish look which is ideal for elegant homes. The smooth curvy door with color of bronze will suit all the houses and their decor.

  • Accessories

    It comes with instruction manual, pressure mounting wrench which is adjustable, anchors for wall, screws, mounting pads which are adhesive, pins for extensions, mounting cups, tension bolts, two 4.5 inches extensions, and a 9 inches extension.


  • Received MetroMoms Best Award.
  • Imported or made in USA
  • Hardware or Pressure mounts
  • Use in stairways or doorways


  • Clothes get stuck in catch mechanism stick
  • Auto closure stops working

Who Should Buy

If you have a very wide stairway then this gate is one of the few limited options available for you. It works very well if you have children of or below 2 years of age. They could try their very best but this gate would be a mission impossible for them. The adults even get some difficulty if they do not know how to use this gate. The opening mechanism is not an easy task for kids as unlike other gates pushing just the slider on the latch at top is not enough to open it.

The bottom latch remains intact and the door needs to be lifted for it to open which is only possible by an adult. Also the height plays a vital role by not allowing the kids even to get near the latch. The width is more than enough for adults to pass through and auto closure allows it to get locked easily. The most unique plus point is that it can be installed at bottom of stairs so your young ones do not climb the top of stairs.


The customers in general have praised the product and are satisfied with the durability of gate. The bronze material made the gate sturdy and it showed no signs of scratches or any wear and tear after using it roughly for a long period of time. The bronze has made the gate stylish as well to suit your home decor. So you get safety for your child and elegance for your house in one gate from Summer Infant at a reasonable price. The value provided by gate is much higher than what it is priced for.