Summer Infant Pictureme Digital Color Video Monitor Review



Summer infant is known in the market for producing products for you and your baby that helps to make your life easier. With their Summer Infant Pictureme Digital Color Video Monitor you can not only see your child and hear your child but also see his or her pictures time and again to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort.

Due to this and other amazing features this device has been rated very highly with 4.4 stars out of 5 stars which makes it not only popular and well received among the masses but also one of the highest rated baby monitors in the market today.

Features and Specifications

One of the best features of this device is that it has a very sensitive microphone that picks up even the slightest of noises that your baby is making. This way you can stay alert and know when your baby is awake and when he or she is sleeping and be aware of how he is doing. You can turn the video off and just listen to your baby as well.

  • Video Camera and Photo Frame

    The video camera features shows you what your little one is doing in his or her crib along with pressing just one button. It has a bright color display that shows your every detail of your child giving you a watchful eye look.

    You can also turn the photo frame on and the device will take 8 pictures of your baby which you can scroll through if you are not watching the video and you want to know what if your baby is safe and asleep or not.

  • Infrared Night Vision

    Like many other baby monitors in the market today this one also has an infra red vision that allows you to see how your baby is doing even if it is night time. So you can now easily see your baby if he or she is in another room by dim lights. The infra red vision has black and white display but it is sharp enough for you to show you little details of your child like if the eyes are open or closed.

  • Room Temperature Sensor

    The device has a built-in thermometer that senses the room temperature of your child’s room and shows you the recording on your device. This way you will be able to know if your room is too warm or too cold for your child and you can easily adjust it according to your will and your baby’s comfort.

  • Noise Alerts

    The parent device has special noise sensors that blink and let you know about the noise. They will tell you when the noise is low like giggling or gurgling or when the noise is too loud like crying so you can stay alert and alarmed when your baby is awake or hungry and crying in the other room and cater to his or her needs. The blinking bar changes from green to red as the noise increases.

  • Non Portable Parent Device

    The parent device unlike many other baby monitor is not portable and this might be one of the flaws of this rather amazing device. Hence just like the baby device the parent’s device also has to be kept in a safe and secure place. This way it makes it difficult for you to carry it around anywhere in your house and you will have to come by every now and then to look for your baby near the device.

    This makes it tough for you to do your chores or work around your house while keeping an eye on your child as you are not able to carry it around with you.


  • Good video quality
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Photo frame
  • Noise alerts
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Infrared night vision
  • Easy to read manual


  • Non portable parent device
  • No built in lullabies or night light

Who Should Buy

Judging with its popularity among the masses this gadget seems like a total catch. However if your house is large or you are the one usually doing the chores then you need a device that hosts a portable parent device that you can carry around wherever you want while working in your house.

This way you will be able to keep an eye on your child whoever you are. Other than that its other features are fantastic and hence this gadget is very popular among customers.


Summer infant has always been making products for you that help you in caring for your baby in the best possible way. This video monitor not only helps you in seeing and hearing your baby but also in taking pictures and that too in high quality video and audio frequency.

The night vision is black and white but the results are as crisp as the colorful daylight video. With the room temperature and noise sensor you can know and assure your baby’s comfort.