Does Sunscreen Repel Mosquitoes


If you are out hiking or camping with the family and you forgot to take your bug spray with you, you’re probably wondering if your sunscreen can keep those annoying insects away. So, does sunscreen repel mosquitoes?

Unfortunately, sunscreens don’t work as mosquito repellents.

There are no studies that suggest that and in fact, most scented sunscreens have the potential to attract mosquitoes. Well, that doesn’t apply to all sunscreens as every product is unique. It will still depend on the products’ ingredients, scent, packaging, and processing.

Now, if you really need something to keep the mosquitoes away, there are a couple of things you can do instead of relying on your sunscreen. For one, you can change your clothes and wear something with a light color. Dark colored clothing can attract mosquitoes and other bugs. You can also apply some essential oils. Citronella and lavender are great choices.

You may want to wipe your sweat, too. Some people release chemicals that mosquitoes find attractive.

Even though sunscreens can’t protect you from mosquitoes, you should never leave home without applying your sunblock. Sunscreens can prevent UV damage that can make your skin age faster. They can also make your dark spots and freckles less dark.