Does Sunscreen Stop You From Tanning


If you’re torn between tanning your skin and protecting it from the sun, we know exactly what to tell you. Stay with us as we reveal the answer – does sunscreen stop you from tanning?

Just because you want a sunkissed look doesn’t mean you can directly expose yourself to sunlight. You still need protection to avoid consequences like sunburn and skin cancer. That’s why you need sunscreen even while you’re tanning.

Don’t worry; sunscreen won’t affect your beauty goals. It will just filter ultraviolet (UV) rays. Melanin production continues, which is the key to a perfect tan.

Just remember to wait for 20 minutes or more before tanning. You need to let your skin absorb the sunscreen lotion first.

While using sunscreen is completely okay, what about sunblock? Since sunscreens and sunblocks have different effects, never attempt to use both of them. Always choose sunscreens when you’re up for a tanning session.

In Conclusion

Does sunscreen stop you from tanning?

That’s a big NO. We highly recommend sunscreens to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. After all, you can still achieve beautiful tanned skin after applying lotion all over.

Sunscreen is known for other benefits, too. However, you should know which claims are real. Find out if sunscreen can repel mosquitoes and prevent freckles.

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