How Long to Swaddle a Baby Per Day


Is there such thing as too much swaddling? This technique is a foolproof way to relax your newborn baby. Does it even have a downside?

Learn more about it as we reveal how long to swaddle a baby per day.

Long hours of swaddling is acceptable.

There’s a safe range you can follow to guarantee the best for your newborn baby. 12 to 20 hours of swaddling every day is recommended to keep an infant comfortable.

Meanwhile, the four to 12 hours free-time from swaddling is perfect for other important tasks. Of course, you still have to bathe your baby. Also, you have to let your baby stretch and explore on his own even for just a while.

As expected, there will come a time that you have to stop swaddling your baby. In order to give your child a taste of freedom without making him fussy, you have to spend less time swaddling him as he grows older. Tightly wrapping a hyper baby can be a safety hazard.

Stop swaddling your baby after three months.

Four months is also a reasonable duration. However, we must warn you that weaning your baby from swaddling can be a challenge. Your child might find it hard to sleep.

Thankfully, there’s a product you can use for a smoother weaning from swaddling. Feel free to purchase a wearable baby blanket to keep your child cozy without the tight swaddle.

There are also techniques for weaning while still using the swaddle. Check out the following steps you’ll have to follow for a week or two:

  1. Take one arm of your baby out of the swaddle for the first few nights of transition.
  2. Once your baby is okay with the first step, take the other out of the swaddle to expose both arms.
  3. Directly proceed to the second step if your baby can finally roll over. Your child might get suffocated if he is on his tummy with his arms inside the swaddle.


The correct answer on how long to swaddle a baby per day is 12 to 20 hours. However, the duration should become shorter as your child reaches three months old. You really need to remember our tips on how to wean your baby from swaddling.

For more products that can keep your child comfortable, check out the best fleece blankets! Meanwhile, weaning your baby from swaddling is not the only challenging task for a new mother. If you’re required to use nipple shields, learn how to eventually wean your baby from these breastfeeding supports.