Common Table Saw Mistakes You Should Avoid


Most people can’t get things right the first time. That’s supposed to be okay for the learning process.

However, table saw mistakes can cause premature damage to the tool and serious injury. That’s why you should use it flawlessly even if you’re just a beginner.

Don’t worry; we’re going to explain the basics. Based on a demo from Woodgears, the following are the usual blunders by people using table saws:

Some users don’t secure the material near the blade

You don’t have to use another tool to fasten the sections closest to the blade. What you need to do is simply hold them down with your hands, especially when the blade is almost done with the cut. Failure to do so will lead to a terrible blade pinch.

That occurs when both the cut ends of the material bend toward the blade since nothing secures them. This will interrupt the blade that’s about to completely cut the material.

A blade pinch won’t exactly hurt you. However, it may damage the tool if you won’t turn it off immediately.

To really prevent the material from pinching the blade, use a wider sled or a miter saw.

If you’re going to choose the miter saw alternative, learn how to set it up and change its blade. In case you’re curious, how different are miter saws as compared to table saws?

Wrong use of the push sticks can cause kickback

It’s okay if you’re too cautious about putting your fingers near the blade. After all, we have push sticks for that.

But, if you don’t know the correct positioning of the push sticks, you might lose control. The blade’s extreme speed will throw the material back into your direction – right into your torso! Now, that’s what you call a nasty kickback.

To prevent kickbacks, make sure there’s a stick pushing near the blade. Meanwhile, the other stick should be the one pushing the material toward the fence.

In Conclusion

The only one who can protect you from the risks of table saws is you. So, it’s your responsibility to know the usual table saw mistakes and how to avoid them.